Geosols save your privacy.

All information and details you provide are saved to us: that’s our privacy policy. We never rent, sell, lend, or otherwise spread your details to anyone, including your contact details, which are very important to you and us.

Geosols limit data access to authorized users.

At Geosols, your data is open to only a limited number of our employees with special permit rights. We collect general demographic information based on your demand. Your information is safe in our organization. With our organization only and has no identifiable personal data associated with it.

Information Collected

Geosols need basic information about you – Your First & Last Name, Address, City, Zip Code, State, Country, Phone Number and Email address.

Our systems collect details from your net connection, like your IP address, when you visit our site. Your IP address doesn’t recognize you. We use this information to deliver our web pages to you upon request. Customize our website as per your interests. For example, we figure on our site to know the geographic locations from where visitors come.

We don’t allow any unauthorized individual or organization. Also, we never share your details with anyone. Whether it is our organization or not, nobody uses any information you give.

Data Sharing

Your most important question is, with whom do we share your information? The answer to this question is that we do not rent, sell, trade or give away your details to anyone. But your points are only shared by porters, credit card companies and vendors. To fulfil your interest, they need to perform their procedures. Also, business needs details are also shared with law authorities for fraud & safety. We shared your information with our management regarding the special rights also.

Information Usage

The most basic usage of the data gathered from you is your email. We used to inform you that your query is complete now. Your email is also used to notify you of your customer service-related questions. And for any newsletters sent by us in the future. We store all information gathered and will not reveal it to anyone except as required by law authorities or in case of a dispute.