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Geosols Vastu Consulting Provides a Remedial Vastu & Geopathy Solutions Without Suggesting Renovation Under the Your Vastu Consultant Deepak Kumar Saini’s Guidance and He Can Resolve Your All Vastu Issues and Harmonise Your Stressful Environment.


Deepak Kumar Saini B.E. (Civil) ~ Vastu & Geopathy Expert, Founder of Geosols


Vastu For Home

Vastu for Home

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Vastu for Factory

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Vastu for Office

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Human Aura

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Geopathic Stress


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Mr Deepak Saini is doing great service to people by scientifically identifying energy disturbances in homes and workplaces. He has the expertise to neutralise the ill effects of energy disbalance in a space, bringing balance and harmony to its occupants without any major changes.

—Mr. Raavish Malhotra

Extremely happy to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Deepak Kumar Saini and Geosols Vastu Consulting Private Limited for being my guiding leon bet. I have gained immense confidence after my stint with vastu shastra and geopathy. All the credit for my success goes to Mr. Deepak Kumar Saini only.

—Mr. Ankit Mehta

I got my house checked for Vaastu defects a few days ago from Mr. Deepak Kumar Saini Ji. I am very happy to announce that I have reached great heights since then. My Stationary Shop business showed a boom in it. I am very grateful to Mr. Saini for this. Thank You Sir, You are a real savior.

—Mr. Ajay Malhotra

India’s #1 Vastu and Geopathy Training Institute

What our students think about us ?

I started learning Vastu and Geopathic Stress from geosols which turns the life of my future clients & I opted for a full-time profession for myself. He is always there for me as a mentor and I’m very grateful. Thank you, Deepak Kumar Saini Ji and team

—Mr. Rohan Sahni

Urvashi Parekh Vastu Shastra Course Certification

Deepak Kumar Saini is an extraordinary professional serving the community to live in harmony. He has in-depth knowledge of Vastu Science & Shastra and he has helped lots of families globally to live a quality life. He is easy to work with and very approachable.

—Ms. Urvashi Parekh

The overall experience of My Learning Vastu Course from Geosols is very good. All Guidelines given by Mr. Deepak Kumar Saini were excellent. If you want to optimize your Career in Vastu’s Field, it’s my personal suggestion to join Geosols Vastu Consulting..

—Mr. Naval K. Goyal

Make a successful and promising career in Vastu

IIOur Online and Offline Courses


This book is focused upon the Earth energies and how one can use this knowledge to live a long, happy life.

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