Feeling Jinxed? Geopathic Stress

Feeling Jinxed?

Have you noticed in your office, that there are a few areas where no seat or cabin placement works?

The reason could be Geopathic Stress. Onsite research shows that Geopathic Stress is the main cause of these seats in 70-80% of cases. A majority of people are still unaware of this silent enemy & suffer in the long run. In short, no one wants to sit there, as these are mostly high tension and low productivity zones. These are called jinxed seats. as whoever sits & works from these seats, often ends up leaving the company or is fired. This high rate of weakening becomes a point of concern for many organizations because of these specific zones.

But what exactly is Geopathic Stress?

Earth has its own magnetic field which forms radiation walls liberating from the core. When a distorted electromagnetic field of the Earth, makes an interjection, this forms a Geopathic Stress zone. This zone is capable of disturbing the energy of humans, animals, plants as well as machines. Such zones are the causes of high stress, fatigue, irritability, low productivity, frequent machine breakdowns etc.

How is Geopathic Stress related to feeling jinxed?

These consequences of Geopathic stress affect men & machinery alike. At home, it disturbs our sleep pattern & degrades our overall health. Whereas at the workplace, it can lead to concentration issues, lethargic feeling, tiredness, employees feeling dissatisfied, etc. Prolonged exposure to radiation causes weak immunity & creates additional stress which can impact one’s performance & productivity. It is also known to cause a higher breakdown in the machines & equipment which are located in these Geo-stress zones.

How to cure/ harmonize Geopathic Stress?

Since it is extremely important to keep your living & working environment safe from both visible & invisible problems in order to encounter Geopathic Stress, it is advisable to seek an expert help who can help you diagnose the issue, as well as help in curing the same for ensuring long term health, wealth & prosperity. For more details, connect with us on the mentioned details.

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