Vastu Tips for Store Room

8 Vastu Tips for Store Room in your Home

8 Vastu Tips for Store Room in your Home

Vastu Tips for Store Room: Table of Content

  • Why do we need a Storeroom?
  • Types of Storeroom
  • Location of the Storeroom
  • Benefits of Using an Anti-Radiation Chip
  • Colours for the Storeroom
  • Sleeping inside the Storeroom
  • Placement of items in the storeroom
  • Do’s and Dont’s

Your store room could be responsible for the clashes in your family. Know what Vastu says about it.

Various rooms are available at the house, and each has its importance, according to Vastu. The purpose of the storeroom is to put extra items in place and keep it there for future use. Here is your Vastu Consultant – Deepak Kumar Saini, telling you everything about the Vastu of the Storeroom and sharing tips, tricks and information for a storeroom. 

Why do we need a Storeroom?

Vastu for Store Room

As the name suggests, a storeroom is a room where you can store unused items or products. Short-term storage is one option for these items for an extended or indefinite period. Throughout the year, gazillion things must be used, including clothes, blankets, food items, gifts, statues, decorative items, etc.

Types of Storeroom 

Types of Store Room

Generally, we categorize store rooms into two major categories. 

  1. Food Storeroom – here, we only store food items and stock extra necessary items in an emergency. Also, we put only those food items that will spoil for a short time. 
  2. Junk Storeroom – here we put every extra item, so we only have space inside our other rooms. These could be books, decorative products, or waste materials. 

Location of the Storeroom

Location of Storeroom in Home

Vastu identifies the west-north-west as the right location for the store room, which helps maintain peace and tranquillity.

In the storeroom, all the food-related items are suitable in the northwest corner, and the southwest zone is ideal for storing heavy objects. (Like tool room only)

Your storeroom should not be constructed in the north-east direction of the house, as this has caused ill-effects. Especially the relationships become bitter, and there are more clashes in the family. 

The storeroom in the north zone is not advisable as it hampers the growth of the career and cash inflow issues. 

Colours for the Storeroom

Colours for the Store Room in House

The colour you choose in your storeroom is also essential. Colours affect the vibes: white, off-white, and Cream, which are best for the room’s interior. These colours can lighten up the vibes of the space. 

Sleeping inside the Storeroom

Can we sleep in storeroom at house?

Never sleep inside the storeroom as it negatively harms the dweller. The storeroom is not for sleeping, and it’s considered bad for your health if you rest inside it. Your mental health is adversely affected by it, and it degrades in doing so. Also, make sure there is no bed inside the store room. 

Sometimes, people give space to servants for sleep. That’s not advisable.

Placement of items in the storeroom

Placing the items in the storeroom, according to Vastu, is crucial. Storing items here and there is not considered beneficial and could harm. Instead, according to Vastu, place new things for the year in the West-north-west Zone. On the other hand, you can set the items you use daily toward the northwest. 

Also, Ensure that items not used daily are well-covered so negative energy does not flourish there.

Kitchen-related items and food items, such as ghee, oil, refined gas cylinder, etc., should be stored in the southeast corner of the storeroom. 

Some other do’s and don’ts according to Vastu for Storeroom.

  1. If you want, you can construct cabinets to arrange your items, but place them in only the southeast corner. ( South East Zone is only for Kitchen storage).
  2. Make sure the storeroom is clean, dry, and neat. 
  3. Place doors and windows in the storeroom corner to circulate the energy flow.
  4. It is necessary to store annual granary stock in the southwest region.
  5. Don’t store empty containers. If they’re open, put something in to fill it up so that negative energies do not nurture in the space. 
  6. Make sure to build the storeroom in a regular shape. It can attract evil.
  7. The shape of the storeroom must be rectangular or square outline only. 
  8. For the storeroom storing food, ensure proper cross ventilation for air and sunlight to come into the room so that the food and grains remain fresh. 
  9. You Can place the pictures of Anna Purna Mata in Kitchen Storage.
  10. One Night Bulb must be on Daily in the store room.

Undoubtedly, the storeroom is one of the most neglected areas in the house. Neglecting spreads negativity attracts evil and leads to family conflicts, but if done correctly, it can bring prosperity and positivity. 

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Vastu Tips for Store Room: FAQs

Answer 1: A store room in the house used for storage. Store items that are not used regularly, such as seasonal decorations, extra furniture, hobby supplies, and other things.
Answer 2: In a store room, you can store office supplies, cleaning supplies, spare parts, tools, equipment, extra furniture, and more.
Answer 3: The storeroom is an integral part of a home as it stores items that are not needed regularly. It can also store extra supplies, such as cleaning supplies and tools.
Answer 4: Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architecture science, can help create a positive energy in your storeroom. Also, proper cross-ventilation is vital in the storeroom.

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