Vastu Tips for Peepal Tree

7 Important Vastu Tips Related to Peepal Tree

These things will happen if you have a Peepal tree in your house! 

The peepal tree is quite a common type of tree that grows across India. It is considered one of the most sacred trees in Hinduism. However, it is forbidden to put this tree in the house. But why is it that? 

We would answer this question according to the Vastu Shastra and share some Vastu tips for peepal trees.  

About Peepal Tree 🌳 

The peepal tree is worshipped in Hinduism because it’s believed that the gods reside in it, and it’s also advised never to cut this tree. But why we worshipped Peepal Trees? Because we pray of Peepal to calm Shani, as Shani is associated with the Peepal tree. 

Peepal plants can grow anywhere, including your house, plot, factory, warehouses, or even business premises.

Peepal’s biological name is Ficus Religiosa, or sacred fig, which comes from the species of fig native to the Indian Subcontinent. It has many names known as the bodhi tree, pippala, peepul, pipal, or ashvattha tree. 

You won’t believe it, but people can live up to 2,500 years. It is also considered the most significant medical oxygen provider for various health-related issues. 

Why is Peepal bad in your house?

If it’s near your house, Peepal in any form will bring you disparity. 

Your life would become hostile, issues in your married life, and even your children would feel trouble. 

Even the shadow of a Peepal tree when it falls on your house would hinder the progress of the house. 

According to Vastu, the Peepal creates solitude around itself; hence, the house where this plant will reside would create an immense crisis in the life of residents. 

When won’t the Peepal tree give you it’s ill-effects?

If the Peepal tree grows near you but falls below the criteria, it won’t give you its ill effects. 

  1. Suppose the Peepal tree is in the west direction of your house. But remember, even if it’s in your West, and the shadow is falling on your home, you must avoid buying such a house.  
  2. If the peepal tree is at a distance of 3x the height of your house, it’s harmless. Your house height is 40ft, and the tree should be 120ft away from you. 

Practical Reasons why people should not be in your house. 

Peepal grows very fast; hence, their roots also spread to a vast area. Soon, it would increase inside your property, crack your floor and wall, and reduce the strength of your foundation. Also, it would take a lot of work to repair. 

Peepal tree also has insects that could quickly enter your house if it’s on your property. 

Important things to consider before buying property related to Peepal tree

Below is the checklist you should consider when purchasing a property associated with Peepal tree.

  1. If the Peepal tree is in the East, then never buy this property.
  2. You can view the property if the tree is far away in the West. 
  3. Make sure the shadow of the tree does not fall on your house
  4. Only buy the property if the tree is in front of your main gate. 
  5. If there are fewer Peepal trees, wait to buy this property. 

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What to do when it grows inside your house?

Removing Peepal Tree from your house is essential, so remove them immediately when you see them. 

If the Peepal is a plant below 1-2ft of height, gently and carefully remove it by root. 

While removing the plant, keep in mind that you never cut its root, intentionally or accidentally, as according to the scriptures, the Peepal tree is considered the abode of Brahma. So try to remove the plant by root and plant it somewhere else. Also, please do this on Saturday. There’s a rule that if you remove one peepal plant from your house, you must plant two peepal plants outside where you root out the plant. Use acid or salt in that place so it doesn’t grow back. Finally, raise the plant that you’ve replanted until it is firm. Also, wait to plant the tree in the east direction of the house, even by mistake. It will cause monetary issues in the place. 

However, if the Peepal is a tree, you should do a puja or havan first under the supervision of an expert. 

Potted Peepal in the Home

After reading everything, if you have made up your mind and have decided to grow a peepal plant in your house, then increase it in a pot, then make sure you worship it if you want to keep it inside your home. If you don’t honour it, then place it outside your house. Make sure it stays in your pot and grows large; otherwise, it will break havoc in your home.  

We hope you understand the implications of Peepal around your house or property. However, if there are still any doubts left in your mind, contact us for online or on-site consultation at +91 8076019906 or +91 7982657982. Our team would love to help you resolve your issues with our expertise in Vastu Shastra. 


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