Vastu Tips For Married Life

Vastu Tips for Married Life

Vastu Tips For Married LifeVastu Tips for Married Life

Wedding vows are all about spending a fortune together and loving the special moments of life. Don’t simply store your special moments in photographs or albums kept hidden in a closet. Pick some beautiful ones and make sure to add them to your living room on the southwestern wall. By now if you are not yet sure about what we are talking about, let’s slop the beans. In this article, we are going to provide you with some Vastu Tips for Married Life.

Maintaining the Vastu Shastra of your home is a reminder that you both are involved in love and your relationship has been growling since the day you met each other. The southwestern wall is supposed for spreading happy vibes, therefore your photos will attract good positive energy. Check out the Vastu tips for your home to live a life that you have dreamt of with your partner.

Do not sleep below beams

Beams impart negative energy as it lies within a tensile zone. The first sleeping below the beams is not advisable as far as the happiness of married couples is concerned. Make sure to place the bed on a different side if it is directly below the beams of the room. Beams impart unnecessary pressure due to the low flow of negative energy from the corner of the beams. Thus, sleeping below beams is not advisable.

Make sure your bedroom is in the right direction

Maintaining your bedroom direction is essential to bringing positivity to your home. As per Vastu’s tips, it helps not understand and love between the married couple. Before decorating or renovating your home, choose a room in the South West, West, or South directions. It is the only direction why romance and love prevail making your lovable bond strong and powerful.

Your head direction should be south

Make sure to place your bed in such a position so that you keep your head in the south direction. In the case of adults, the head should be placed in the south or east directions. And on the hands for kids, the head should be in the east direction.

Moreover, when it comes to colours, choose Cream, White or Off White colours generally. If the rooms are in South West, you can choose Cream, Golden or Mud colours. Colours like black, grey, and dark brown need to be avoided as they come to a tendency to look darker. Watch our video on YouTube WHICH WALL COLOURS ARE BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Moreover, please attention that there is no mirror in front of your bed. According to Vastu, it can turn out to be troubling for your health.

The power of fresh flowers mustn’t be ignored

Forget artificial flowers and make sure to purchase fresh ones. Want to make your room atmosphere happy so add a blissful fragrance it’s stopping the smells of the room. Make sure to replace the artificial flowers with fresh flowers. As the colours of artificial flowers may fade imparting negative energy in the lives of married couples.

Highlighted above are some of the life-changing Vastu tips for married couples. Applying these can lead to a healthy and happy married life. You can consult with a Vastu Consultant for better results.

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