Vastu Tips for Factory

Vastu Tips for Factory

Vastu for factory / GeosolsVastu for Factory: 7 Vastu tips that can save your factory from disasters.

Vastu for Factory – You do everything in your hand to make sure your business is running smooth, yet you have no idea. How your business is not recovering and sales going down? Production quantity isn’t as expected, machinery often gets malfunctioned & workers always on strikes. Chances are there’s one factor you missed and that is Vastu. Vastu for the factory is something you shouldn’t neglect. If you want these problems to stay away & so make sure that your factory is producing actual money.
Vastu faults occur when the placements of the components in a factory aren’t as per Vastu. It’s a must that you remove the faults to reap the benefits of the hard work you put in. Below are some tips that you should consider to cut the Vastu faults and improve the Vastu for the factory.

Where to place Electrical Controls and Heating Process

Transformers, Generators and Electrical Control Panels are common equipment in almost every factory. For the production process to go smooth, their positioning is also crucial. These electrical components represent the fire element and are not electrical. The components such as boilers & furnaces are placed in the fire zones of South and South-East as per Vastu. Where to not place them, it’s the North and North-East. Where they can do some heavy damage and can bring disparity in your business. Also, see our video on youtube about how we balance fire and water elements in the factory –

Vastu for factory main gate

It’s crucial to address your main gate of the factory in the right direction. It’s so crucial that it might be responsible for half of your Vastu faults. As per Vastu, there are 32 good & bad entries. After a lot of consideration, it’s advised that the main gate should be in the North, East or North-East direction. These are the auspicious entries of the factory.

Placement of raw materials and finished goods

The major source of production in any factory is the raw material and then the finished goods. These are the main cash generators for your factory. As per Vastu, it’s advised to put raw materials in the west zone of the factory. But, if the raw material is in liquid form, then make sure you place them in the North and North-West directions.
For finished goods, make sure you put in North-West, it’s the best direction for finished goods.

The direction of Water Boring, Toilet and Septic Tanks

You need to be careful while understanding the elements of these similar-looking themes. You might guess, as all these have liquid in common then it’s wise to put them in the direction of the water element. But, as per Vastu, North, North East and East are the best directions for the water boring. These are the water element directions and represent the growth and opportunities.
Overhead Water Tanks, don’t represent water elements, they represent Earth. So, it’s ideal to place them in South West or West Zones.
A Septic Tanks or Toilets disposed of the wastes. As per Vastu South, West, South West or North-West directions advised

Kitchen Vastu for factory

The kitchen represents the cosmic fire and thus it’s important to use them to balance the fire element. As per Vastu, South East to South are the ideal position and direction for it. Make sure that you avoid the use of black, and blue paints and granite slabs or tiles in the kitchen. Granite actually represents water & it’s considered a bad enmity between fire & water.

Vastu for factory staff and main office

These people are the main staff and the brains of running the factory and managing workers. Take a place where it boosts their performance. It helps those making the right decisions for the factory. As per Vastu, the office of the owners is ideal in the South West. West direction represents wealth, gains and profits and the South can bring name and fame.

Vastu for factory labour quarters and technical machine operators.

Labours run the machines nowadays and in lots of industries entire work done by the labours. Their shortage, reduced performance, and strikes can completely halt production or reduce it. Hence, we should follow Vastu while creating the factory labour quarters. According to Vastu, the South-East corner is the ideal location for labour quarters. Yet, the technical machine operator’s cabin according to Vastu should be in South West. This direction will ensure that these technical operators will improve their skills. We have a YouTube video on this topic is How to set up machines in the factory?


Understanding Vastu’s faults and Vastu, in general, can make or break your business. For factories, it’s crucial to plan the design according to Vastu to prevent losses and disasters. Yet, in modern times we don’t have enough time to keep an eye on every aspect of business and hence we turn to the experts. Hence, we at Geosols under the guidance of Vastu and Geopathic Expert, Mr Deepak Kumar Saini. We will provide our services related to Vastu for industries and homes. Our Vastu services and how we can transform your business or your home with the science of accurate Vastu.
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You can also watch our video on YouTube on how to balance the factory according to Vastu.

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