What is Vastu Shastra?

What is Vastu Shastra?

Secrets of Vastu: Everything you need to know about Vastu! 

Vastu Shastra existed thousands of years ago, yet Vastu is one of those highly misunderstood sciences today. Vastu Shastra is an ancient architectural practice from India which dates back to the Vedic era. 

In the 21st century, most people have yet to learn Vastu Shastra. Below we attempted to summarise the vast knowledge about Vastu.

What is the History of Vastu?


Thousands of years ago, Lord Shiva fought with Andhakasura. As a result, when Lord Shiva and Andhakasura sweat fell on the earth, it created a creature. After that, the creature grew and grew in size day by day.

All the gods and sages got tensed and tried to solve this problem because the creature’s size increasing daily. In addition, all the sages were concerned about what would happen if the creatures wrapped around them all over the earth and where they would go.

All the sages went to Lord Vishwakarma to seek a solution to this problem. Then, Lord Vishwakarma went and saw the creature. And Lord Vishwakarma decided to adopt him as his son. So, in the end, Lord Vishwakarma blessed that creature and blessed him if anyone starting any construction on this earth has to worship him. So he named the creature “Vastu Purusha”.

Today, Vastu Purusha recognizes as the son of Lord Vishwakarma, the architect of gods.

Lord Vishwakarma sent Vastu Purusha to earth upside down. As a result, Vastu Purusha’s head lies in North-East, his stomach in the centre, and his legs in South-West.

If we do Vastu puja before the construction, Vastupurusha will ensure the house is prosperous forever.

All the rules were written then, such as not making any toilets in the North-East, where to make a bathroom, which direction to sleep, and the importance of a sun and sun facing home. So, in that direction, should the slope of your construction, and where to make the older people’s bedroom?

What is the Science of Vastu

Vastu Science

Today’s generation always believes in science and logic. Vastu is pure science based on logical explanations.

E.g. North-East direction is where all the positive energies accumulate, and then the positive energy flow towards the South-West. So if you’ve built a toilet in your North-East, your positive energy will convert into negative energy because you’re putting your waste and making the corner impure. This results in a loss of prosperity, health issues and money wastage.

Also, according to Feng-shui, North-East is the direction of the water element. So, if you make a kitchen in the North-East, it won’t fit well as fire and water are anti-elements and considered enemies.

Vastu is a holistic concept with no separate applications. In conclusion, vastu encompasses all aspects of human life, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Is Vastu Still Working Nowadays?

Is Vastu Works Today?

A simple way to verify whether vastu is still working nowadays is to observe vastu shastra principles first. Then, tell us why people still call vastu experts before building their dream homes because they still care about vastu.

We’ve been in the industry for over 25 years, and we can proudly tell you with our experience that Vastu still works 100%. In addition, we have recorded cases where the families were not functioning well, and their financial conditions were trembling. But, with our Vastu solutions, they flourished again.

People still call because they see the benefits of having vastu in their lives and have experienced it personally. Nowadays, every builder is doing projects based on Vastu.

Vastu Shastra has five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. These elements form our universe and promote balance and harmony in built environments.

What is the Demand of Vastu?

Demand of Vastu

The demand for vastu has grown significantly because, in modern times, our problems have gone 10x more.

When problems grew significantly, people looked for an answer in Vastu. Additionally, they were amazed to see the results they got through Vastu.

Just like Yoga, people earlier didn’t know about it. But when they tried it and got benefits, it became popular, and now it has become popular internationally. 

What is the future of Vastu?

Future of Vastu

Vastu demand is overgrowing, but we have yet to unlock its full potential. In addition, we only know a few things mentioned in our ancient texts.

Invaders have destroyed significant knowledge, but we must uncover a new path forward.

We are involved in much research in Vastu Shastra, unlocking its hidden secrets. Like us, there might be many other researchers doing the same. 

In the future, we will see more and more vastu experts emerge as people learn this science. They’re making a career out due to very high demand and enormous scope, as freelancers or simply by using it themselves for their benefit.

In 2023, understanding the basics of Vastu Shastra entails learning about directional orientation, the five elements, proper room placement, maintaining a clutter-free environment, and the significance of colours and materials.

What is the Relation between Vastu and Geopathy?

Vastu and Geopathic Stress

Vastu and Geopathy go hand in hand and have a very significant correlation. But unfortunately, while many people know and believe in Vastu in India, they’re ignorant about Geopathy. 

Geopathic stress is all about the negative energy linearly emerging below the surface.

Geopathy is the study of how geopathic stress can negatively impact our lives through the presence of harmful energies. In addition, these negative energies are so powerful that they can suck all our points out of our buildings and bodies.

We do vastu for above-the-surface problems. In addition, Geopathy is a modern solution as geopathic stress is due to the disturbance created by underground constructions such as the metro, tunnels and high-rise buildings.

To resolve problems of such, we use Geopathy. We call them geopathic stress lines, and we use a scientific gadget to detect stress lines in a home or a building.


Even though our living standards were entirely different from ancient times, we, as Vastu experts, tested all the rules written thousands of years ago. Yet, we could not falsify the results we get by applying those old rules. In addition, we can apply Vastu principles to your homes using Vastu compliance methods.

As it may sound astonishing, this proves that the science behind Vastu is actual. Also, alongside vastu, you need your Geopathic problems checked and resolved.

An individual with geopathic stress will feel detrimental effects from Geopathic energy. In addition, the resolution of Geopathy is such important that, even if you’ve built your home according to Vastu and the stress lines underground are strong, it would obliterate your Vastu. So you must resolve both Vastu and Geopathic problems, and you need a holistic solution.

We have worked on so many projects now that we are confident that we can resolve your vastu and geopathic issues without any deconstruction and remodelling.

Watch the video on our Geosols Vastu YouTube Channel – Complete Guide of What is Exactly Vastu Shastra?


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