Vastu Tips for New Home

Vastu Tips for New Home

Vastu Tips for New HomeVastu Tips for New Home

When it comes to new homes, Vastu can end up governing a lot of factors not limited to the interiors but the exterior like the layouts and directions, as well. Vastu is vital to real estate planning. The most careful planners out there ensure that they are consulting the Vastu experts without fail. That’s how important Vastu is for new homes.
Are you buying a new home? Make sure you’re only choosing one, which has been constructed after thorough discussions with a credentialed Vastu consultant. For your new home a few important Vastu Tips that you should consider.


Let us start with the entrance first. Please remember that as per Vastu, your entrance stays a very important part of your house. The entrance should ideally be facing east since it’s bright as far as your prosperity is concerned. Do not block the northern part. West to East or North to South makes sure there are slopes. Refrain from keeping a cactus plant there and make sure the hinges of the door make no noise at all.

Children’s room

The north-western part of the house should always be for children. Though loud colours are very common in kid’s rooms these days, they’re not really recommended by Vastu experts. Don’t stick the furniture above the wall since it’s known to stop positive energy. Place the computer in the southwest corner. Make sure that your child faces the north, east or northeast corner of the room while he sits down for studying.


The bedroom should face the southwest direction. You should face south while sleeping and make sure to keep your room clutter-free.

Living room

Think living rooms- think north! Yes! That’s the best direction when it comes to living rooms. The air conditioner should be positioned in the west or south-east and furniture in the south and west. Please make sure that there are even numbers of chairs in your living room. Never settle for odd numbers in this regard.

Bathroom and Kitchen

Not many are aware, but the bathroom and kitchen Vastu is also critical to assets. An unwitting mistake there and you can actually end up being on the wrong side of Vastu altogether! Here are a few tips:

  • Your kitchen should be situated in the north-west or southwest
  • Make room for cross ventilation
  • Cook facing east
  • Northwest remains the best direction for the bathroom
  • Refrain from keeping broken stuff in the kitchen
  • Keep the bathing area clean

You can also watch our YouTube Video on VASTU GUIDELINES FOR YOUR HOME.

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