Vastu for Plot

Vastu for Plot

Vastu Tips for PlotsThe shape of the plot causes a lot of impact on the Vastu of residential and industrial plots. Do make sure that you’re in touch with a Vastu Consultant. And, you have to clear understanding of what you should be choosing in this regard and what you shouldn’t be. In this post, we will walk you through the hint of Vastu in relation to the shape of the plot.

Things to remember:

  • When talking about irregular plots, the best shape for a plot can be a square or a rectangular one.
  • If the South-West corner happens to be missing in a rectangular plot. Thereby leading to instability and lack of skill throughout followed by ruined relationships.
  • The North-East corner happens to be destroyed in case of an irregular plot, there will be a block in growth.
  • If the South-East corner happens to be missing there is likely to be a cash crunch.

A regular-shaped plot can be the best for your family as well as for business purposes. The best Vastu Tips for Plot is square or rectangular.

Some people might consider irregular plots as beneficial, however, that can be considered a once in a blue moon. Therefore, it can be stated that irregular plots are not at all favourable as far as Vastu Shastra is concerned.

What can an irregular plot do to your business?

Now, an irregular plot can turn out to be a Vastu disaster for businesses – especially when the units located in the north, south or west are vacant. Make sure that there is no underwater tank or tube well located in the southern or central part of the plot as well. Now, it has consistently been maintained by Vastu experts that incorrect building or wrong construction can have a harmful effect on the fortune of the business. A business worth crores can actually be in the lethargy. You can either witness huge losses, to begin with, and even if you start off well, there are possibilities of losing it in the long run as well! One cannot even rule out the possibility of accidents of employees if the industry is built on an irregular plot!

And, with the correct shape, on the other hand, there are major possibilities of the fetch going up and hassle-free inflow of money. It is very important Vastu tips for the plot on your end to ensure that you’re getting in touch with a credentialed Vastu expert to find out further about the nuance of industrial plots – especially about the effect of irregular plots on your business fortunes.

Find an Expert!

Now, remember that finding the right Vastu expert will not really be a walk in the park. There is actually a lot that needs to be done before you’re zeroing in on the services of the expert. Do resort to a thorough survey before signing up for services. For how many years has the Vastu expert been offering services? Has the Vastu consultant garnered positive or encouraging reviews from clients? If you come across names that haven’t earned good reviews, you should be prudent enough to steer clear of such names at any cost. Remember your Vastu expert can do what the techno expert of your business can’t do – in case you’re struggling with the effects of an irregular plot! So, make sure you’re making a prudent choice there!


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