About Geosols


About Geosols Consulting Private Limited

Geosols Consulting provides a gamut of remedial solutions or Vastu without renovating any building under the expert guidance of Deepak Kumar Saini. He can resolve your issues and harmonize your stressful environment.

The journey since its start has helped individuals, similarly to corporations globally. Today, it has marked an international place as an expert consultancy. He is a solution provider in this exceptional scientific field of Geopathic stress. Our well-expressed solutions, specialized services and years of experience have enabled us in this field. As a result, we always deliver accurate results to the projects and challenges we face.

Our clients include reputed companies, manufacturing, retail units, factories, real estate, professionals, individuals from all kinds of income groups etc. Who has reached us for remedial solutions and positive guidance to fight their geopathic stress and Vastu defects? Their valued trust in our services and our complete know-how have enabled us to effect the best possible solutions.

Nowadays, Geosols Consulting Private Limited is a well-known name among Vastu-related companies. It’s the right choice if somebody wants to eliminate Geopathic Stress and Vastu Defects to live a healthy and peaceful life if you seek effective Vastu remedies for your house, building or commercial space. We have given effective consultation with regards to Vastu rules for the construction of Buildings.

Geosols Consulting Private Limited is trained with adequate scientific equipment and experts who can accurately identify the cause and location of Geopathic Stress and effectively alleviate this problem by timely detecting harmful IR radiations. In conclusion, the technology and study of this science have facilitated us to assess Human Aura and Gem Compatibility.

If you want to check the Geopathic Stress Lines, Vastu Defects, Your Aura and Your Gem Compatibility You Can Contact Us for more information.