What is Vastu Compliance Designs

Vastu Compliance Designs

Vastu Compliance Designs

  • What are Vastu Compliance Designs?
  • Why are Vastu Compliance Designs essential?
  • Why make house Vastu Compliant?
  • What is the purpose of Vastu Compliance Designs?
  • Electromagnetic Frequencies
  • Flow of Energy
  • What are the Advantages of Vastu Compliance Designs?
  • What are the Disadvantages of Vastu Compliance Designs?
  • How to check that the property is Vastu compliant?
  • Conclusion
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What are Vastu Compliance Designs?

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Vastu Compliance Designs is an architectural and design practice based on the ancient Indian science of Vastu Shastra. 

More than 5,000 years ago, Vastu originated in India as a science of design and architecture based on the energies of the universe, the five elements, and their relationships. 

Vastu Compliance Design creates a harmonious, balanced space in alignment with nature. This design helps create a positive environment conducive to growth and well-being. It focuses on the relationship between the physical environment and lifelike’s spiritual, mental and emotional aspects.

Why are Vastu Compliance Designs important?

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Vastu Compliance Designs are vital because they help create a balanced and harmonious environment. 

A Vastu-compliant design helps to ensure that the flow of energy is optimized and that the occupants of the space can enjoy a peaceful and prosperous environment. 

The proper placement of objects and elements, such as furniture, walls, windows, and doors, can help to create a positive energy flow and attract good luck and fortune. 

Vastu Compliance Designs can also help to reduce stress and develop a sense of well-being.

Why Make House Vastu Compliant?

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Making a home Vastu compliant can bring many beneficial effects to the people living in it. Vastu is an ancient Indian architecture science that helps promote harmony and balance in the home. It uses directions and natural energies to create positive energy flow and balance within the home. 

Vastu-compliant homes can help improve physical, mental and emotional health and promote overall well-being and prosperity. 

Vastu-compliant homes also help to reduce stress, tension and negative energy while promoting peace and harmony in the house.

What is the purpose of Vastu Compliance Designs?

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Vastu Compliance Designs are an ancient Indian architecture that focuses on creating balance and harmony within a home or workspace. Vastu Shastra is an ancient Vedic science of architecture based on the principles of this type of design. It is said to bring its inhabitants prosperity, peace, and good health. 

Vastu Compliance Designs consider the direction of the sun, moon, and other celestial bodies and the placement of various physical elements to create a balanced and harmonious environment.

What’sWhat’s the exact purpose of Vastu-compliance architectural designs? After all, a design is a design. The primary purpose of Vastu designs is to nourish the well-being of the dwellers. It affects our overall wellness, growth and prosperity in life. 

Electromagnetic Frequencies

Electromagnetic Field

Everything around us is electromagnetic frequencies. Electromagnetic frequencies create an environment for anything in their surroundings, whether living or non-living. 

Humans are also affected by these electromagnetic frequencies. Because they possess bioelectromagnetic frequencies, resonating with the live environment.

Our living environment has a profound effect on our life. 

Vastu-compliance designs ensure the free flow of electromagnetic frequencies in any building with a closed boundary.

Flow of Energy

Flow of Energy

Example: – Suppose a person is in a room and a wall fan runs at speed on the other side, and she’s feeling very hot and sweaty. His friend comes and sees his situation and realizes that the wall fan is facing the other side. So, all the air is blowing the opposite, causing much discomfort. So, the friend changes the direction of the fan towards this guy. And the air now blows toward him. Now he feels comfortable.

Everything was then and there in the room, nothing changed, but a simple change in the direction of the flow of air (energy) added so much comfort to that man. Vastu can do this. There is no hidden magic behind it. Just that power constantly flows around us. 

We need to create a conducive environment through Vastu-understanding designs to ensure the free flow of energy. Moreover, we frequently resonate with the points and frequencies around us. 

Hence, applying Vastu principles while designing our homes or workplaces is crucial to ensure overall health, wealth and prosperity. 

Vastu-compliance designs for more than a decade, so most architects/ interior designers are taking up Vastu courses as a value-added proposition to their services.

What are the Advantages of Vastu Compliance Designs?

Advantage of Vastu Compliance Designs


1. Enhances Positive Energy: Vastu-compliant designs focus on the arrangement of furniture, walls, and other objects, as well as the location of windows, to maximize the flow of positive energy in the space. 

2. Improves Health: Vastu-compliant designs aim to balance these five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space to bring harmony to the home. This balance improves overall health and well-being. 

3. Aesthetic Appeal: Vastu-compliant designs are often visually pleasing and designed to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. 

What are the Disadvantages of Vastu Compliance Designs?

Disadvantage of Vastu Compliance Designs


1. Costly: Vastu-compliant designs can be costly if you don’t follow the Vastu rules in your space, which can impact your health and wealth.

How to check that the property is Vastu-compliant?

How to Check Designs as Vastu Compliance?

1. Consult a Vastu expert: The best way to determine if a property is Vastu-compliant is to consult a qualified Vastu expert. A Vastu expert can assess the property and advise on any changes needed to make it Vastu-compliant.

2. Look at the building’s orientation: Check the orientation of the building, which is the direction it faces. According to Vastu principles, a building should face the east or north direction.

3. Check the position of the doors: Vastu recommends placing doors in the right direction. Ideally, the main entrance should face east or north with regard to 32 entries.

4. Check the placement of furniture: The placement of furniture should also be taken into consideration when assessing the Vastu compliance of a property. It is essential to place furniture in a way that balances the energies and makes the occupants feel comfortable.

5. Check the windows: It is essential to place windows in a way that balances and promotes positive energies.

6. Check the structure: It is essential to verify that the structure is Vastu-compliant.


Vastu designs guide us on how to apply the principles of Vastu in our homes. In this article, we will discuss what vastu compliance designs are, why they are essential, and their purpose. 

Compliance designs help establish harmony and balance in the house and office. They are also known as a critical part of Vastu Shastra or the Indian architecture system. 

Vastu compliance designs are applied upon completion or alteration of a building to create an environment that is healthy and safe for occupants.

Vastu compliance designs are an integral part of an organization’s building plan. These designs help streamline business operations, improve productivity and increase employee satisfaction by ensuring the space is free from negative energy and vibrations.

Vastu Compliance Designs FAQs

Answer 1: Vastu-compliant architectural designs aim to construct buildings according to the principles of Vastu Shastra, a traditional Hindu architectural system.
Answer 2: The energy flow in Vastu Science is from the centre of the earth to the sky.
Answer 3: Electromagnetic fields are created by moving electric charges and are associated with waves of electromagnetic radiation.
Answer 4: The compliance of the vastu for a building is vital. The ancient science of vastu shastra has guided humanity in constructing their homes and offices from time immemorial. Therefore, it is essential to follow the principles provided in vastu when building to achieve success, prosperity, and peace.

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