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What is Vastu?

Updated : January 5th, 2022, By geosols

What is VastuWhat is Vastu?

  • Vastu is a science of directions.
  • Vastu is ancient architecture.
  • Vastu means – “A premises which have full positive energy.”
  • Vastu is a method for balancing the 5 elements.

Introduction to Vastu Shastra

If you understand the logic, then you realize that there’s no magic. The statement stands true for the field of Vastu, which is a highly misunderstood ancient architectural practice from India. It is a given that everything around us is energy, in any form or shape and our living environment is a major factor in the kind of life we lead – happy & prosperous or sad & gloomy. A Vastu specialist measures the vibrations in a building. Also, they offer solutions to ensure that the residents lead a smooth life full of good health, wealth and prosperity.

Directional Vastu is all about the significance of directions that need to be accounted for in the construction of a house, shop and factory.

Misconception about Vastu

In the 21st century still, a majority of people have no clue about the energies around them. A Vastu expert conducts an energy scan, diagnoses and offers energy correction solutions for a building. And a large number of people dismiss this as some superstitious practice. Actually, they lack knowledge about the logic of Vastu.

It will not be right to blame people for such beliefs. There are many pseudo-experts in the market who offer high costing and rather damaging Vastu solutions to people. That becomes a major turn-off for them. A lot of people swear by Vastu solutions after getting the desired results.  Results can be in terms of health, finances, business growth, improved relationships and much more. It is very important to choose the right Vastu expert. This is a highly sensitive subject and requires the right person to handle it. Simply saying that people don’t believe in Vastu will not be entirely correct. Every field or area in the world has divided opinions. It can be in the medical sector, law & order, politics, religion etc. So it is quite natural for Vastu to have such a divided opinion.


Everyone works on personal experience. They have the right to opine on the same. But it is a fact that once they understand the logic and work behind this amazing field of Vastu, they have totally changed their opinion of the field. In conclusion, we can say that choosing the right Vastu expert is the first step towards reaping the rich benefits of the solutions for a happy & prosperous life – both at a personal and professional level.

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