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Vastu Tips for House

Vastu TiVastu Tips for Homeps for Your House

1. Rock Salt

Use 250 gm of Rock Salt in a bucket of water to mop the floors of your room. Sprinkling rock salt all over the floor is not effective. If the rooms are big, take another bucket of water with 250 gm of rock salt again for mopping. If you think that the direction of your toilet is wrong according to Vastu, place ½ kg rock salt in a glass container at a safe height where you don’t have to cover it or it shouldn’t get wet. Change this every month. The salt will absorb all the negative energy from the toilet. Don’t flush the salt that you change every month. Also, don’t dispose of the salt in any water body or under any tree. Simply, dispose of it in an empty plot outside. These are the best home vastu tips ever.

2. Auspicious Pictures

If you want to place an auspicious picture in your room, follow these vastu tips for home or you can use our nine lucky sign pictures. Place it at your entrance where everyone can see it. It is a lucky sign that can be placed in any direction and resembles auspiciousness. Try to avoid placing horse-shoe in your room since they can absorb negative energies from multiple directions.

3. Mirrors

Place mirrors only in the north-east, north or east direction but ensures that no staircase or fire or any other dangerous thing is reflected on the mirror. If there is a shaft in your bathroom, you can place mirrors on both sides, but the pot should not be reflected on it to complete it. If your mirror is placed in any other direction other than northeast, north or east, keep it covered since the results can be quite bad.

4. Vastu Tip for Home Things


Get rid of any broken pieces of glass, cracked mirrors, clocks that don’t work anymore, spider webs, or broken statues from home. Don’t place things like dustbin, broom, shoes, weird pictures like pictures of animals, or excessive water in the northeast.

5. Pots of Plants

You can use earthen pots for your plants. If you are placing any money plant in the north direction, make sure the pot is not red. It can be off-white, white, cream, green or even blue. Pots are auspicious but choose the colour according to the direction. You also see our video in Hindi Langauge on Youtube. Tap on the link now. Vastu for Plants

6. Vastu Tip for Home Crystal Balls

You can only place crystal balls in the northeast and southwest directions of your home. They are energy enhancers so don’t place them in any direction.

7. Vastu Tip for Relationships

To improve your relationships and make them more harmonious, keep the southwest direction neat and clean and avoid placing mirrors in that direction. The floor level in that direction should not be lower as compared to the rest of the house. To grow your relationships, place family photographs with a golden frame either of the couple or with the children or even a pair of white lovebirds on the west wall. The best remedy is to use a diffuser with essential oils in the room regularly for a more cleansed and positive energy throughout the room. Instead of crystal, burn camphor and spread the smoke across your rooms every morning or during sunset to kill all negative energies. You can also use a guggal loban cup.

8. Wind Chimes

If you live in any home where it is always silent, you can break the silence with wind chimes. If you place the wind chime in the eastern direction, use a wooden one and for the western side use a metallic one. But if there is already enough sound due to the TV, FM or natural chirping of birds, you need not place it unnecessarily.

Follow these Vastu tips for House/Home or you can consult with a Vastu Expert.


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