Vastu tips before buying property

11 Vastu Tips Before Buying Property

Vastu Tips Before Buying Property11 Most important Vastu tips before buying property

Buying a property is a dream of every individual in this country and all around the world. Especially for a middle-class person, the property is the most important investment of his/her life. No matter what sort of property it is, it’s a fact that this investment is your blood and sweat, and as the stakes are really high, one must do everything in hand they can to make sure their investment brings happiness and fortune to their life. Here, Mr Deepak Kumar Saini, founder of Geosols, a Geopathy Expert, is sharing 11 Vastu tips before buying property.

1. What if it’s a T-Point property?

T-point properties are not considered good from the Vastu standpoint. You should never buy a property in the South-West Direction of T-Point, the South-East Direction of T-Point, or the North-West Direction of T-Point, as these are the most dangerous. If you own a property at t-point, you should consult with a Vastu Expert.

2. What if there’s a high-tension wire above your site?

If there’s a high-tension wire going above your property, and your property is just below the high-tension wire, then don’t buy this property.

3. What if there’s sewerage near your property?

If there’s sewerage near your property, like 400-500 meters from your property, then you should avoid that property. Generally, it’s been observed that in those properties that are near sewerage and drain, their AC does not work properly and it frequently stops working. As the sewerage contains various decaying matter, many types of gases are generated, which pass into the property through the air and can cause health-related issues. Also, according to common sense, the bad smell from the sewerage would constantly be passing into your property.

4. What if there’s a crimination place nearby?

If there’s a crimination place nearby your property, then you must avoid that property at any cost. You should take your property as far as possible from the crimination grounds. The smoke coming out of the crimination place is really injurious to your health also.

5. What if there’s a temple nearby my property?

Temple is generally good nearby, but keep this tip in mind. Whenever you buy the property and the property is in front of a temple, the entrance of any temple shouldn’t be in front of the entrance of your property. While you can have the property on the left wall, right wall, or back wall of the temple, make sure that the facing of the temple entrance and your entrance are not in front of each other.

6. The importance of sun rays and wind coming into your property

Whenever you go to see a property, do check how much sun and wind are coming to your property. Is there proper wind circulation and cross-ventilation on your property? For better understanding, visit the property at noon, when the sun is at its peak, and check how much sunlight is coming to your property. Turn off the lights and see the sunlight on your property. Make sure it’s not completely dark because sunlight is not reaching. If you’re buying a property, then make sure it has proper sunlight and good cross-ventilation.

7. What if there’s a mountain near my property?

If there’s a mountain in the North or East direction of your property, then don’t buy it. However, you can buy a property, if there is a mountain in the South or West direction of the property.

8. What does Vastu say about road level and the property?

If a property isn’t equal to the road level or is below it, then it has to be seen whether it can be made equal to the level of the road by using a filling. If it can be levelled, then it should be equal to the road. For best results, the property should be higher than the road level. As an example, if your property is below the road level, there will be both Vaastu and practical issues, such as rainwater flooding your property during the rainy season.

9. What should be the shape of my property?

According to Vaastu, the shape is important in property, so make sure to check the shape of any property. Make sure its shape is not too irregular, triangular, or trapezoidal. If the size of the property is wrong, then don’t buy it. The most common property shapes are square or rectangle.

10. The feel of the property.

When you go to buy the property, make sure you spend some time at the site. At least 10-15 minutes, and feel the vibe of the property. Also, observe the surroundings of the property. See if there are plants and trees nearby. Are the plants and trees green or dried out? Smell if any kind of smell is coming from anywhere. If you’re not feeling well as soon as you enter the property, like you’re suffocating and negative thoughts have started coming to your mind, then don’t buy it.
Make sure you spend enough time capturing the whole vibe. If the feeling you get is good, then the property is good. If not, then it’s not a good property to buy and you should look for some other property.

11. What if there’s a well on the property?

This is one of the most important tips. If there is a well on the property, then you should not buy this property at all. However, if you have already purchased the property or you have no other choice but to buy it, then make sure you have such a Pandit who can get the well closed with Rituals, by following precise puja.


If you have kept these 11 Vastu tips in mind while buying your property, then you’re good to go. Your property would bring happiness and prosperity, and you would live a healthy life.

If you have more doubts about your property or you have already bought any property which goes against the tips here, don’t hesitate and book a consultation by calling on our numbers + 91-9810017549, + 91-8076019906. We are always here to help!

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