The Stress Called Geopathic Stress

How Geopathic Stress is Danger?

Geopathic Stress

The Stress Called Geopathic Stress

Stress – This six-letter word has become like a middle name for almost every second individual. We all face stress in various degrees from time to time. Persisting with stress for a long time isn’t a good habit as it can have an adverse effect on health. Everyone wants to get rid of their stress levels. However, the more they try to come out of it, the more they find deep in their stress.

What is Geopathic Stress exactly?

Geopathic Stress are harmful radiations which liberates from Earth’s core. Such high stress is good enough to compromise the immune system, In other words, the term Geopathic is derived from two Greek words – “geo” which means “of the earth” and “pathos” means disease or suffering. Thus, Geopathic refers to the suffering of the earth.

How does it affect us?

The disruption of energies emanating from the earth can have a negative effect on human life and surroundings. These energies do not have the same effect on everyone, and therefore, some people are more affected by these energies than others. Therefore, exposing people to a wide variety of health issues. Irrespective of their healthy food habits, best living environment and clean lifestyle, people living in the Geopathic Stress zone are at great risk of contracting ailments starting from body aches, constant tension, anger issues, emotional & relationship stress, learning disabilities and can even lead to cancer.

Man-Made Causes

Various underground features such as Sewers, Underground Streams produce energies that disturb the electromagnetic field and thus create a stress zone. Apart from the natural causes of GS Lines, there are man-made causes that trigger this stress leading to negative impacts on life. These causes may include sewers, tunnels, borings, underground construction for railways and gas pipelines etc. These built-up areas and constructions are considered negative lines as they emit energy that is capable of disturbing the earth’s electromagnetic field that may impact lives negatively. The presence of fault lines or ley lines is frequently noted in areas of poor electromagnetic fields.

How to combat Geopathic Stress?

In conclusion, It is always advisable to contact the right expert who deeply understands the problems, conducts scientific scans, performs the right diagnosis and provides effective solutions to the problem of geopathic stress. There is no logic in saving a little money just to expose yourself and your families to the dangers of geopathic stress in the longer run.

There is an old saying that “a stitch in time saves nine”. Hence, a timely scan of the living environment can save you from possible health dangers. Moreover, it can help in saving huge sums of money by nipping the Geopathic Stress right in the bud.

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