Vastu Tips for Factory

Vastu Tips for Factory

July 5th, 2022 by geosols

Vastu for Factory: 7 Vastu tips that can save your factory from disasters. Vastu for Factory – You do everything in your hand to make sure your business is running smooth, yet you have no idea. How your business is not recovering and sales going down? Production quantity isn’t as expected, machinery often gets malfunctioned […]

Feeling Jinxed? Geopathic Stress

Feeling Jinxed?

January 5th, 2022 by geosols

Have you noticed in your office, that there are a few areas where no seat or cabin placement works? The reason could be Geopathic Stress. Onsite research shows that Geopathic Stress is the main cause of these seats in 70-80% of cases. A majority of people are still unaware of this silent enemy & suffer […]