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Vastu for Home

Vastu for Home? Home Vastu? Do you want Vastu for home? Vastu for your House? & Vastu for your Farmhouse? If you are thinking about Vastu for your house but need help figuring out where to start. In that case, consider professional Vastu services beneficial for you and your family.

Regarding your homes, houses, and farmhouses, the Vastu principle can be beneficial in generating a more peaceful and pleasant environment. However, using Vastu principles in your home, house or farmhouse requires keeping a few things in mind.

Vastu Services for Home

Problems Facing People at Home

  • Relationship Problems, In-Laws Problems and Disharmony
  • Education Problems and Career
  • Theft and Accidents (Small, Major & Frequent)
  • Not being Married and Not Getting a Dream Job
  • Child Birth, Miscarriages and the Adamant Nature of Kids
  • Lack of Money and Finance Crunch
  • Multiple Health-Related Issues and First-Stage Cancer
  • Tension, Depression and Stress
  • Marital Problems and Divorce
  • Litigation and Lack of Opportunities

Vastu Procedure for Home

First, our  Geosols senior draftsmen team survey your home/house/farmhouse and takes total measurements and details of your property. Then, after 3-7 business days, we prepare your file according to the Vastu principles in AutoCAD.

Then, Deepak Kumar Saini (B.E. Civil) or our other vastu experts visit your site, survey your property, detect vastu faults, provide vastu solutions, suggest remedies, detect and cure geopathic stress lines with their nodule points, negative or positive energy & items, and give you accurate & effective Vastu solutions. We provide solutions without suggesting renovation in your home & farmhouse and also cure Vastu Defects and Geopathic Stress Lines with its Nodle Points. Also, we suggest increasing health, wealth and prosperity in your home and residence premises.

After giving you the Vastu consultation, our team ( Geosols Vastu Consulting Private Limited) routinely follows up with you. Or, if you doubt anything that still needs to be fixed & affecting you, we also recheck your property and whether you have implemented all the remedies with accuracy or not.

We also provide services for new site selection, renting out any site, and buying property. Or. If you design your new building with an architect according to the Vastu Shastra Principles we can also provide our services according to your needs.

  • Site visited by vastu consultants at your factory.
  • Know about building history.
  • Details and site survey by our vastu consultants.
  • A suggestion of remedies to clients.
  • Check and cure Geopathic Stress Lines on the premises.

Types of Remedies to Cure Vastu Defects

We can cure all these problems which are listed above. And use different and effective remedies. Like – Colour Therapy, Pyramid Therapy, Sceneries, Brass Items, Copper Strips, Brass Strips, Silver Wire, Studs, Essential Oils, Mirrors, Rock Salt, Alum and Implement Georods. We detect and cure Geopathic Stress Lines and Zones with their Nodle Points, Negative Items and Energy levels in All Directions of the Building.

Benefits of Vastu for Home

  • Increase positive energy in the home.
  • Grab more opportunities (Jobs & Careers).
  • Controlled health issues.
  • Harmony in-house (Improved Relationships).
  • An abundance of money and opportunities.
  • Stress-free environment.
  • Stop losses and accidents.
  • Timely marriage.
  • Kids concentrate more on their studies.
  • Stop miscarriages

Deals in

We deal in Vastu for Homes, Vastu for Houses, Vastu for Farmhouse, Vastu for Flats, Vastu for Apartments, Vastu for Home Entrance, Vastu for Home Kitchen, Vastu for Society, Vastu for Plot, Vastu for Floor, Vastu for Bungalow, Vastu for Building, Vastu for Double Story Home, Vastu for Unconsturcted Plot, Vastu for Property, Vastu for Blocks, Vastu for Residence, Vastu for Entire Residential Area and Vastu for Duplex House.

Why choose us

Nowadays,  Geosols Vastu Consulting Private Limited is a well-known name among Vastu services-related companies. Therefore, it’s the right choice if somebody wants to eliminate Geopathic Stress Lines and Vastu Defects without renovation to live a peaceful, healthy, and prosperous life.

Geosols Vastu Consulting Private Limited and Deepak Kumar Saini (B.E. Civil) have more than 24 years of experience in Vastu Shastra and more than 10 years of experience in detecting and curing geopathic stress lines.

  • We provide vastu solutions without suggesting renovation.
  • We can detect and cure geopathic stress lines.
  • We provided vastu services of 30 square yards to 06 acres in a single unit.
  • We provide authentic vastu solutions on behalf of 16 directions grid marking on the drawing plan.
  • We clear all the myths of our clients and people.


If you want, we check, detect and cure your residence. You can Contact Us freely. We will guide you to the best possibilities and solutions without suggesting renovation.  Geosols Vastu Consulting Private Limited and Deepak Kumar Saini (B.E. Civil) – Vastu Expert, always help you out.

We give two types of Vastu Consultations for your residence. First, On-site Consultation. Second, Online Vastu Consultancy. So, Why are you waiting? Hurry up!

Want to know more about Vastu Tips for a Happy Home? Then, subscribe to our YouTube Channel – Geosols. At this channel, we give the right and effective Vastu Tips and Information for Residence. So if you follow our vastu tips and information, you will benefit.

You can also read our Blog on our website – Top 10 Vastu Tips for Home.

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