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Why Do You Need It?

Do you know what is the Advantage of the Vastu Pyramids & if you want to get rid of all negativity from your house or workspace, a good understanding of the Vastu shastra is a necessity. You need to keep your home and office away from any kind of negative energy or hazardous activity. These pyramids have a significant role to play or have supreme powers and super energized instruments.

Why should Vastu Pyramids install in your home and office?

Vastu Pyramids can absorb any kind of negative element in your home and workspaces. You can function in an optimum state of mind and you should always feel in a safe and happy place. As a family or a team of businessmen, if you want the existence of happiness, peace and prosperity around yourself, installing is a must.


1. Ultra-Promax Pyramid
Are you planning to start a new project like building a new home, farmhouse or factory? Place this pyramid at the centre of the plot during the time of construction by calculating the pit size according to your plot size. The plot should be big enough. Smoothen the pit, charge it, place the pyramid and cover it with sand. Four to five-storied buildings will be at least effective.

2. Flat-Max Pyramid
If you want to spread happy and positive vibes in the flat or apartment you are living in, this pyramid works the best. It will make your space livelier.

3. Multier 9X9 Pyramid

Do you want to correct the wrong Vastu of your house? This multi-layer instrument is everything you need. They are extremely powerful and ensure beneficial shifting and land changing.

4. Bemore 9X9 Pyramid

If you are willing to energize your entire workplace or home, this is your best solution. They play a great role in improving your “luck” factor.

5. Education Pyramid

Are you not satisfied with the grades of your child? Do You want them to perform academically better than they are currently?

These pyramids are your answer. They will enhance your children’s intelligence as well as knowledge.

How to install

The best directions for placing are north, northeast and east. The directions in which you should not place the pyramids at all are south-east, west-north-west and east-south-east. They are extremely effective and energized to nullify all the Vastu defects in your home or office. It has to be only any energetic or central point or even a specific room in some buildings.

Heal the energy of your house and workplace with these pyramids and live a more peaceful life. For Vastu tips and advice, you can ask a Vastu consultant.


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