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Are you looking for Online Vastu Services without any Renovation? You are at the right place. Wherever you live, it does not matter. We offer you the unique possibilities to work with us. Geosols Consulting Private Limited is one of the best Vastu Shastra Services providers with more than 22 years of experience.

The best part of us is – You get top-class and genuine online Vastu Consultancy from anywhere. It is all here. Or, are you looking to benefit from a Vastu Consultation for your current building? And, if you need guidance or planning for a new one, we have accurate solutions for all your needs.

How do we provide Online Vastu Consultancy?

Due to modern technology and high-speed transmissions, you do not have to worry about your location or budgetary limitations when thinking about obtaining the best Vastu Services. That is why we use modern technologies like different Satellite Map Visuals, Online Meeting Apps, Whatsapp and E-mails to bring you accurate solutions which are quick and easy to apply.

These days searches on Google like Vastu Consultant near Me & Vastu Expert Near Me are rising very quickly. We also know that not everyone has high-quality Vastu consultancy in their location. Now we are going to cover this gap. We have been offering our Offline Vastu Services for more than 22 years. Our online assistance provides detailed recommendations tailored to you or your family’s requirements. We are fully tailored and favourably flexible while following the exact Vastu Guidelines.

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Vastu Without Renovate Your Building

If you work with any Vastu expert online, you expect them to offer solutions which involve no renovations. In most cases, people expect them to practical solutions which are easy to apply and show results early but are not effective. Our expert Deepak Kumar Saini gives accurate and effective Vastu solutions without renovations.

And that is what we offer – Effective Vastu Solutions without any Renovations or Demolitions.

We experienced that in most places, there is almost impossible to make any structural modifications & there is no matter how small or big that place is. And with these upcoming modern flat systems, it is nearly impossible to make any changes in that places. That is why we give simple solutions which are easy to apply and reasonable.

What we need for Online Vastu Consultation (Without Renovation)

Existing Plan, Photographs, a Small Video, Exact North Degree, Wall Colors, Floor Levels, Slopes & Designs, Positions of Toilet Ports, Wash Basin, Sink, Gas Burner, Boring, Under Ground Water Tank (UGWT), Over Head Tank (OHT), Septic Tank, Mirrors, Plants and Color Combinations.

Our Process of Online Vastu Consultation

As soon as our team receives the above details and payments, we will review your property details.

In the following step, we schedule an Online Meeting with you to learn and study more about the challenges you are facing or the expectations you have from online Vastu consultation services. We will guide you to the best and most accurate Vastu service.

We prepare a complete report for your property and then connect with you online with all recommendations to make it Vastu-compliant. The online Vastu consultation report we provide will be as detailed as the on-site consultation.

Online Vastu Consultancy Report Contents

A beautiful-looking coloured and fully detailed remedial suggestions Vastu plan including all floors of your building.

There is a chart that shows the Vastu energy fields in each direction.

Every room should have a colour scheme that matches your building direction. We will give some tips and suggestions for increasing the Vastu energies in your building to attract more positive energy.

We integrate ancient Vastu principles with Modern Technologies to provide better Health, Wealth and prosperity.

In-depth follow-ups on consultations

Our job does not end after we complete the online Vastu consultation process by explaining everything in detail.

Please feel free to contact us if you need further assistance at any time or if you have any questions. We will stay in touch with you & take follow up regularly to progress with the Vastu implementations.

With our Vastu consultancy online services, we promise to support and help you every step of the way.

It is not just about building a business and making money from you, it is about creating a lasting partnership & relationship with you, and we will go the extra mile to make sure that happens.