How Geopathic Stress is Danger?

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Certainly, if a human eye is staring at a zero-watt bulb, it can easily see. A 500-watt bulb, however, will prevent the eyes from staring and may damage them. Because eyes can bear the exposure to light to a certain extent and can create stress and cause serious damage. Basically, the human body is conducive to the earth’s natural frequency. But high-frequency geopathic stress lines can damage the immune system, causing health issues, depending upon the degree of exposure. Geopathic stress isn’t a myth and has been present since early times. But now we have scientific instruments to detect harmful geopathic stress lines and their solutions. Certainly, Geopathic stress lines are the biggest factor in sick building syndrome, which leads to health concerns for the dwellers.




We all aspire to live a happy life, a life full of health, wealth and overall prosperity. All in all, we’re living in a world that has seen huge scientific growth. Besides in the past few decades that has added great value to our lives. Equally right from telecommunications, travel, construction, medical, manufacturing, distribution system and various fields, we have seen tremendous growth and innovations. However, to look at the other side, the superfast growth has also brought various stress-related issues into our lives. Indeed people struggle to keep up with the fast-paced growth and often end up adding stress and lifestyle-related issues. By all means, the phenomenon of geopathic stress adds more fuel to the fire.




“STRESS” this small six-letter word is enough to bring imbalances in our Physical & Mental levels. Chiefly other lifestyle-related stress factors include poor eating habits, disturbed sleep patterns, and addictions. Despite this, one of the biggest contributing factors to stress is the presence of geopathic stress in our lives. By all means, there is a saying that we are as healthy as our living environment is. When we live in a positive environment our body resonates with it. And, also when we live in a negative climate impacted by geopathic stress, our body still resonates with it.




At first, just take a casual look around you at your home or workplace. Generally, You are living in a mesh of electromagnetic radiation, like electronic equipment, electric wiring or battery-operated equipment around us. These are all still visible instruments around us and we can still manage to live with them. Even if, with the right placements or removals to combat the impact of electromagnetic radiation. Question is that causing so much stress in our lives, despite our efforts to lead a happy and healthy life. Likewise, the term geopathic stress refers to high-frequency radiations coming from the earth.

It is so common to find high-frequency radiation in almost every other residential and commercial building.  For example flats, bungalows, single-story houses, multi-story buildings, shops, showrooms, factories etc. In addition, even by applying the best of Vastu remedies, geopathic stress causes serious trouble to the dwellers. In conclusion, it is important to consult a Geopathic Stress Cure expert to arrive at the right diagnosis and solutions.




Sitting or sleeping for hours in a high-frequency zone has mild to severe effects on overall health. For instance, not many people are aware that Earth has a natural frequency of 7.83Hz which makes life conducive. Moreover, a frequency of 200+Hz caused by geopathic stress impacts the immune system, which is vulnerable to the following problems:

  • Drowsiness and fatigue.
  • Sleeping disorders.
  • Persistent headaches or migraine.
  • Lowered immune response.
  • Numbness or tingling in hands and feet.
  • Zoning out or having trouble focusing.
  • General nervousness or a low mood.
  • Unusual changes in emotions or personality.
  • Tension and conflict between family members or roommates.
  • Hindrance in overall growth and prosperity.
  • Learning disabilities in children.
  • Infertility among couples.
  • Miscarriages.
  • Even up to the first stage of cancer.


Yes, we are talking about these stressful radiations of geopathic stress that emanate or come from the earth. This can be weakening our immune system to such an extent that it exposes us to many health-related dangers. The term Geopathic Stress refers to these types of stress because Geo means earth and Pathos means disease. That means geopathic stress is the disease-causing harmful radiation coming from the earth. Any house or workplace made over these radiations causes serious health damages to the dwellers.


It is extremely important to contact a geopathic stress consultant before buying or building a house. Many people have understood the benefits of Vastu so they go for Vastu-compliant buildings. But still, they have no clue about geopathic stress and despite living in a Vastu-compliant building they keep facing problems. It takes a proper scientific procedure to detect the geopathic stress lines in a plot or in a building. And, appropriate remedies to get rid of geopathic stress lines. Consulting a geopathic stress expert can go a long way in ensuring a life full of happiness, growth and prosperity.


If you think that things aren’t going well and there are continuous health issues in your family despite your efforts. And, then stop wasting time and consult the best geopathic stress consultant in India at Geosols Consulting. With our help, our clients live a life full of health, wealth and prosperity that they have always dreamed of.


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