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Holistic Vastu Shastra Science

  • What is Vastu Shastra Science?
  • What is the exact meaning of Vastu Shastra Science?
  • Why is Vastu Shastra Science Important Nowadays?
  • The demand for Vastu Shastra Science
  • Importance of Vastu Science
  • A Holistic Concept of Vastu Shastra Science
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What is Vastu Shastra Science?

‘Vastu’ word derived from the Sanskrit root word ‘vas’, meaning ‘to dwell’ or ‘to live. It deals with the construction of dwellings & their relationship with the environment.

What is the exact meaning of Vastu Shastra Science?

Vastu Shastra means ‘Science of Building,’ a system for making a building beneficial for all. The word Shastra means teaching or knowledge. Vastu Shastra works based on universal laws that govern all creation, but not on any religion.

An ancient science from India lost in ignorance gained acceptance in the last decade. Yes, Vastu science has undergone various trials and tests over the centuries. Due to its heavy production. But, more scientific backing has brought Vastu back in the last several years. There is peace and harmony in homes built according to Vastu science’s rules. That’s why people hire Vastu Experts.

Why is Vastu Shastra Science Important Nowadays?

We’re bio-electromagnetic beings that prosper well when we’re in tune with the environment. But, weak Electromagnetic fields disturb our living or working environment & hurt our life. That is where the science of Vastu Shastra comes into the picture. 

The core principle of Vastu is to create health, wealth and prosperity in their lives.

Vastu is an architectural science. It’s about balancing the energies of a place. Happy and healthy living is the right of individuals, So we need to learn about this science. There is no magic or miracle about Vastu science. It’s all about the clearing of energy blockages in our environment. Vastu Shastra improves health, finances, relationships, decision making and prosperity.

The demand for Holistic Vastu Shastra Science

When we look, the world of science of Vastu Shastra is fascinating and full of new surprises. But, it is still a mystery for those who look at it only at a surface level. More people are demanding Vastu Compliance Designs from architects and interior designers. Every living thing possesses a residing force, according to holistic life science. 

It’s essential to construct a building after taking various points of nature. Thus, the building blocks of Vastu Shastra are space, shape and direction etc., as per Vastu.

Importance of Vastu Science

Vastu says how we live in our houses or buildings affects our family, friends and society. Terms like Cleanliness, Health, Wealth, and Prosperity are described by Vastu experts.

Vastu is a holistic concept, which means that it encompasses all aspects of human life. Thus, it is not about building design but also about the right location for your home and office. There’s more to Vastu science than following it. Vastu can help you to achieve your goals according to your strengths and weaknesses.

Vastu Shastra offers you the opportunity to succeed in whatever field you choose.

A Holistic Concept of Vastu Shastra Science

Vastu is a holistic concept that has no separate area of application. It applies to all aspects of human life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Vastu is effective in every sphere of life, like your professional and personal life.

Vastu shastra can resolve many conditions that affect wealth, health, and general well-being. It is a science that helps you to build your home. Vastu helps you to make your home environment healthy & prosperous by following rules.

Vastu is a concept of science which combines traditional knowledge and modern methods. Vastu’s goal is to connect with nature and harmony in people and their surroundings. Vastu is a holistic concept as it deals with the well-being of a home and its inhabitants. Thus, different people can apply Vastu in other ways. Still, they all have one thing in common. People want to create harmony and balance in their homes, not for a purpose, but as part of their lifestyle.

Vastu is a holistic concept that belongs to the ancient Vedic tradition. It enlightens and gives knowledge about house structure and leads us towards growth. Vastu links with the environment, where humans create that environment.

Vastu is a holistic concept known from thousands of years ago. You can call it Vastu Science or Shastra because it offers solutions for all problems related to you. It includes all facilities, homes, apartments, shops, factories, etc. Even our thoughts and emotions are part of this environment that surrounds us daily.


In the present scenario, Vastu is outstanding science. There are different specific rules and regulations for further directions in Vastu Shastra. Besides, it maintains the harmony between human activities and their surrounding environment. Vastu is not a superstitious system of beliefs.

Vastu Shastra holds a special place in the hearts of many Indians. It is not a regular devotion but something that touches the core of one’s existence. As a result, we can make our lives cleaner and more comfortable.

One of the prime reasons Vastu is still relevant in houses, businesses, and society is that it works. Geosols offer a way of designing the living space while respecting the surroundings. And that solution will always be the most positive, irrespective of time and place.

Learn the Science of Vastu Shastra

There is a surge in learning Vastu science by people from all walks of life. Learning this holistic science helps people build part-time and full-time careers. Many offline and online courses are available, from essential to advanced Vastu. 

Vastu experts are in more demand than ever. We also practice Vastu science at Geosols Consulting. To diagnose Vastu defects and provide remedies, we use the latest scientific gadgets. We don’t work only on the structural but also on the earth and cosmic levels of Vastu. As a result, we offer professional Vastu services to detect defects. But also to catch harmful rays and auras of people and buildings, as well as colour therapy.

Suppose you were interested to learn the Basic & Advanced Vastu. Then, you may feel free to Contact Us.


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