Vastu Tips for False Ceiling

False Ceiling Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips for False Ceiling

False Ceiling Vastu Tips : Table of Content

  • 1 Vastu Tips for False Ceiling
  • 2 The Manifestation of Negativity Due to False Ceilings
  • 3 Precautions for False Ceilings in the Premises
  • 4 False Ceiling for Your Bedroom
  • 5 Possible Solutions for False Ceiling in the Premises
  • 6 Conclusion
  • 7 FAQs

A false ceiling is a contemporary design masterpiece. False Ceiling is a second ceiling hung below the actual ceiling. These days, the false ceiling has become a trend, with people opting for its aesthetic appeal.

Vastu Shastra is also known as the “Science of Architecture”. Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian system of design and construction that focuses on harnessing the positive cosmic forces (prana) within a living space.

The five elements of Vastu, earth, water, fire, air and space, play a huge role. In addition, Vastu talks about the harmonious balance between these five elements. The false ceiling is also associated with the space element. We will learn how the false ceiling affects the Akash Tatva (space element) and how we can prevent it from doing so!

But have you considered its impact on Vastu? Do you know how to address Vastu dosha when you have a false ceiling? Read essential Vastu tips when incorporating a false ceiling into your living space.

The ceiling in your home represents the “Akash tatva,” or space element, in Vastu. The more you disturb this akash tatva, the greater the potential for disruptions in your life.

The space element serves as a connection to the divine. False ceilings often involve the installation of metals, wires and lighting. These installations disrupt this sacred space and interfere with the Akash Tatva.

The Manifestation of Negativity Due to False Ceilings

False Ceiling Vastu Tips
False Ceiling Vastu Tips

These days, it is more common to find intricate false ceiling designs in every other house. At the same time, there is no strict rule against having a false ceiling. Problems arise when people pay more attention to maintaining these concealed spaces. Dust, debris and dead insects may accumulate within the gaps of the false ceiling. As cleaning these places is inconvenient, many homeowners often need help. And negative energy festers in their living spaces. Also, this negativity intensifies when dead animals decay within these neglected gaps.

Precautions for False Ceilings in the Premises

1. Color Considerations: Choose shades of white or light for your false ceiling. Avoid dark shades such as blue, black, or grey, as they may introduce negative energy into your life. Refrain from using vibrant colours like red, yellow, or orange.

2. Remove Mirrors from Bedrooms: Avoid using any mirror in the false ceiling of your bedroom. Mirrors in bedrooms are harmful and can lead to unsettling dreams. Mirrors in your bedroom amplify negative energies. You may experience more conflicts, stress, emotional turmoil, and relationship problems.

False Ceiling for Your Bedroom

False Ceiling Vastu Tips
False Ceiling Vastu Tips

1. Accumulation of Negative Energy: You spend at least 8–9 hours in your bedroom. Your false ceiling has a surge of negative energy due to dead matter and dirt. This surge in negative energy has adverse effects on your life and health.

2. Effects of False Ceiling Beams: Beams in the corner are a common practice used in false ceilings. These beams are positioned above your head and may cause the following problems:

1. Insomnia: You may have trouble falling, staying, or getting good quality sleep.

2. Increased arguments with your partner—your relationship may get bitter.

3. Physical discomfort: You may feel pain in your body.

4. Headaches: You may feel a sharp pain in your head.

5. Heaviness in your head: you may feel your head is getting heavier.

6. Migraines: You may feel intense throbbing head pain, which can interfere with your day-to-day activities.

7. Low energy levels and dizziness—you may always feel tired.

Wherever you sleep beneath a beam, you will face the same issues.

3. Ceiling Height Matters: Your bedroom should have a ceiling height of at least 10 feet. Low ceilings can affect your mental and physical health and relationships. You may also feel depressed. Unfortunately, some builders overlook these guidelines, subjecting homeowners to the repercussions. A false ceiling in a room with a low ceiling height further diminishes the available space.

4. Center False Ceiling Design Impact: Using a centre false ceiling design is also not good. This design impacts the whole body. Leading to the same issues described above but for the entire body.

5. Sloping Ceiling: Sloping ceilings are discouraged in Vastu. They can disrupt the uniform flow of energy within a room. If your room has sloping ceilings, consider using vastu remedies.

Possible Solutions for False Ceiling in the Premises

False Ceiling Vastu Tips
False Ceiling Vastu Tips

1. Option for corner false ceilings: Install false ceilings with only three sides. Make sure that the top of your bed is not under any beams.

2. False ceiling for the living room: Use circular or irregular false ceiling designs in your living room. This way, you will not face the adverse effects of the square and corner false ceiling designs.

3. Routine Cleaning: Regularly clean the gaps in the false ceiling in every room. Cleaning it prevents negative energy from accumulating.

4. Partial dismantling: If possible, dismantle the section of the false ceiling above your bed where your head rests.

5. Create space: Maintain a gap between your bed and the wall to prevent it from aligning with the false ceiling.

6. Wind chimes: Hanging wind chimes from the ceiling reduces negative energy. It also promotes positive vibrations, which make your life better.


False ceilings are trendy and modern. But it is not advisable from a Vastu perspective. False ceilings disrupt your connection with the space element. It invites negativity and introduces issues related to overhead beams. False ceiling gaps remain dirty because they are hard to clean that is why we recommend you to follow these Vastu Tips for False Ceiling.

Incorporating Vastu principles into your ceiling design can impact the energy and harmony of your living space. But people like false ceilings. But to reduce its ill effects, we are looking for Vastu remedies. In addition, you can watch a video on our YouTube channel about Vastu Tips for False Ceiling.

Whether constructing a new home or renovating an existing one, paying attention to the ceiling’s design can make or break your life. For expert guidance, consider consulting professionals like the founder of Geosols Vastu Consulting Private Limited.

Geosols works under the guidance of Vastu and Geopathy expert Mr Deepak Kumar Saini. We offer services to resolve Vastu issues and enhance your quality of life.

To schedule a consultation, contact us via direct messaging or dial +91-8076019906.

False Ceiling Vastu Tips : FAQs

Answer 1: Is a False Ceiling good or not? It depends on you because there are many misconceptions about False Ceilings, so you should follow all the vastu principles first and then make False Ceilings on your premises.
Answer 2: False Ceilings are safe, but installing False Ceilings as you want can be difficult.

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