3-In-1 Classroom Training Course

3-In-1 Classroom Training Course

Vastu and Geopathy Courses include Basic & Advance Vastu Shastra and Geopathic Stress Course Together.

Do you want to make your career in Vastu Shastra and Geopathy together? Wait, we are not joking. Yes, this is possible now. Through our course, you can master the art of Basic & Advance Vastu Shastra and Detecting or Curing Geopathic Stress Lines and Zones in our 3-In-1 Classroom Training Course.

3-in-1 Classroom Training Course guides you about completing Vastu Shastra and Detecting or Curing Geopathic Stress Lines & Zones with regular practice on actual assignments. In addition, a vastu shastra and geopathic stress training certification course will help you become a vastu and geopathic stress cure expert.

In this course, Geosols’s trainers give you practical training on sites and show you how vastu shastra is helpful and essential nowadays. And also detect or cure lines and zones of geopathic stress. In this modern world, we must understand that these two combinations are vital to every household. So we are bringing this course for you.

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About Our 3-In-1 (Vastu and Geopathy) Classroom Training Course With Certificate

Vastu & Geopathy Course

Vastu shastra is among the most in-demand skill today that offers highly paid and excellent career scope as almost every business is facing unwanted problems. Hence, there is a massive demand for Vastu Experts in India and globally.

You will acquire all the essential skills in Delhi with Geosols’s classroom-based Vastu Shastra and Geopathic Stress Course. You will work on actual practical projects and different sites from scratch. Our experienced expert leads the entire training.

You will receive the certificate when you complete the course. We ensure that you become highly skilled and explore great career opportunities in Vastu Shastra and Geopathic Stress.

Once you have the skills, you can start your own business and company.

Well-structured & comprehensive curriculum designed according to the latest trends and industry standards!

The curriculum of the 3-In-1 Classroom Training Certificate Course

  1. Introduction
  2. How Vastu Helps
  3. Vastupurusha
  4. How to Check Directions?
  5. Degree
  6. Precautions While Using Compass
  7. Five Elements
  8. Water Element
  1. Introduction
  2. Air Element
  3. Fire Element
  4. Earth Element
  5. Space Element
  6. 4 Directions
  7. 8 Directions
  8. 16 Directions
  9. What is
  10. Vayu Tatva
  11. Agni Tatva
  12. Prithvi Tatva
  13. Akash Tatva
  14. Slopes
  15. Slopes and Directions
  16. Tests
  17. How to Calculate 16 Directions
  18. 360 Degree Protactor
  19. If North is 90 Degree
  20. Residence Plan
  21. If North is Tilted
  22. Study Residence Plan
  23. Test
  24. Significance of 16 Directions
  25. Complete Grid Marking Practice
  26. Life Line
  27. Bore
  28. Under Ground Water Tank
  29. Rain Water Harvesting
  30. Colours
  31. Table of Water Source Positions
  32. Residential Vastu
  33. Commercial Vastu
  34. Shape of Plots
  35. New Construction in Plot
  36. Swimming Pool
  37. 32 Enteries
  38. Grid Marking on 32 Entries
  39. Practice on Plan with 32 Entries
  40. Remedies of Bad Entries
  41. Solution of Vastu Defects
  42. Rules for New Construction
  43. Basement
  44. Stairs
  1. What is Geopathy?
  2. Causes of Geopathic Stress
  3. Research and Homework
  4. Career/Business from Geopathy
  5. Basic Physics
  6. Meditation
  7. Secret 1- Instrument/Water Sample Concept
  8. Secret 2- Instrument/Water Sample Concept
  9. Questions & Answers
  10. Secret 3- Other Important Things

Why Learn Vastu and Geopathy Training Course With Geosols?

Expert Trainers

Experienced trainers lead the complete courses in multiple fields. Therefore, the whole training is in-depth and covers simple learning.

Clearing Doubts Sessions

You can ask us your questions & doubts during and after classroom training. We know that you can only understand some concepts in one go. Therefore, we ensure efficient learning for all.

Interactive Classroom Training

During the 3-in-1 classroom training, you can interact with the trainer and fellow students to ask questions, share opinions, and accelerate learning.

Completely Practical

To offer you 3-in-1 classroom training in Delhi, India, we ensure you can work on top vastu and geopathy-related equipment, remedies and practices.

3-In-1 Course Certificate

Geosols is India’s top vastu & geopathy training institute. You will get a 3-in-1 classroom training course with a certificate at the end of the course that helps you quickly explore career opportunities.

3-In-1 Classroom Training Course FAQs

Answer 1: 3-In-1 Classroom Training Course teaches you Vastu Shastra and Detecting or Curing Geopathic Stress Lines & Zones with regular practice on real projects.
Answer 2: In this course, you will learn about Basic and Advanced Vastu Shastra and Detecting or Curing Geopathic Stress Lines and Zones on real projects.
Answer 3: Once complete, we will provide you with a 3-in-1 classroom training course with a certificate to help you explore great career opportunities.
Answer 4: 3-in-1 Course Classroom Training fee starts from INR 1,49,999.
Answer 5: Yes. A 3-in-1 course is a unique and utterly skill-based field that doesn’t require any degree or prior experience. You can learn about basic and advanced vastu shastra and practice curing and detecting geopathic stress lines and zones after class 12th and make a career.
Answer 6: Learning about Geopathic Stress can help you identify and address areas of stress in your life, both physical and emotional. The principles of Vastu shastra can create a more harmonious and balanced environment. Vastu shastra can help to attract more wealth and prosperity. And all these expectations are accurate.
Answer 7: Geosols is the leading institute for learning about Vastu and Geopathic Stress in Delhi and the number one choice of Delhiites regarding courses.
Answer 8: You will master all the concepts and practice of vastu and geopathic stress in detail.