Online Advance Vastu Shastra Course

If you aim to master Vastu Shastra skills and build a promising career in this field, Geosols gives you an Online Advanced Vastu Shastra Course from anywhere.

Learn from industry experts, get certified, get assistance after the course, and become a pro-Vastu Shastra Expert. As the most trusted and best Vastu Shastra institute in Delhi, we have trained 200+ students over the last years. Enrol now to jumpstart a promising career.

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About Our Online Advance Vastu Shastra Course With Certificate

Online Advance Vastu Shastra Course Certificate

As every business wants to boost growth, Vastu Shastra is a primary catalyst. Moreover, the Vastu Shastra era opens new career opportunities for anyone interested in making it big in the future.

If you have the right skills, you are on your way to building a great career and starting your business. At Geosols, we aim to help you acquire all vastu shastra skills, including Basic and Advanced Vastu Courses.

The most comprehensive vastu shastra course in Delhi and India includes advanced modules that others need to cover.

Since Vastu Shastra doesn’t require any technical skills, anyone can learn these skills. So whether you are a college student, job seeker, freelancer, business owner, or even an existing expert who wants to make it big, this vastu shastra training course in Delhi is for you.

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Well-structured & comprehensive curriculum designed according to the latest trends and industry standards!

The curriculum of the Online Advance Vastu Shastra Certification Course

  1. About Our Expert & Team
  2. Why Vastu is Important
  3. Importance of Positiviness
  4. Inner Peace
  5. How Vastu Helps?
  1. Definition of Vastu
  1. Explanation of Vastu Shastra
  1. Story About Vastupurusha
  2. Placement of Vastupurusha on Earth
  3. Flow of Energy
  4. Brahmsthan
  5. Life Line
  1. Magnetic Compass
  2. Mobile Compass
  3. Handling Compass
  4. If You Don’t Have Compass
  1. 360 Degrees
  2. Intervels
  3. X-Axis and Y-Axis
  4. North Arrow
  1. Iron Material
  2. High Tension Wires
  3. Terrace
  4. Mobile
  1. Jal
  2. Prithvi
  3. Vayu
  4. Agni
  5. Aakash
  1. Shape of Element
  2. Colour of Element
  3. Directions of Element
  4. Feng Shui Name of Element
  1. Shape of Element
  2. Colour of Element
  3. Directions of Element
  4. Feng Shui Name of Element
  1. Shape of Element
  2. Colour of Element
  3. Directions of Element
  4. Feng Shui Name of Element
  1. Shape of Element
  2. Colour of Element
  3. Directions of Element
  4. Feng Shui Name of Element
  1. Shape of Element
  2. Colour of Element
  3. Directions of Element
  4. Feng Shui Name of Element
  1. 4 Directions
  2. 8 Directions
  3. 16 Directions
  4. What is?
  1. What are Slopes?
  2. Directions of Slopes
  3. Benefits of Slopes
  1. Combination of Both
  1. Degree
  2. Number of Divisions
  3. Angle of One Zone
  1. Demarcation on Protactor
  2. 22-1/2 Degree
  3. Number of Divisions on Protactor
  1. Draw Plot
  2. Direction Markings on Plot
  3. Calculation of Cube
  4. Marking of 4 Directions
  5. Marking of 8 Directions
  6. Marking of 16 Directions
  7. Meeting Points
  8. Names of 16 Directions
  9. Area of Each 16 Directions
  1. Practical Grid Marking on Plan
  2. Zone Evaluation
  3. Study of Wrongly Placed Kitchen & More
  4. Study Brahmsthan
  5. Study Each and Everything Related to Plan
  1. Draw Plot
  2. Directions Marking on Plan
  3. Calculation of Centre
  4. Marking of Tilted North
  5. Marking of 16 Directions
  6. Meeting Points
  1. Evaluation of Directions
  2. Evaluation of Areas
  3. Evaluation of Wrongly Placed Kitchen & More
  4. Study Entire Plan
  1. What are 16 Directions
  2. Meaning of 16 Directions
  3. Significance of 16 Directions
  4. Study on Plan
  1. What is Life Line?
  2. Importance of Life Line
  3. Directions of Life Line
  1. Position of Bore
  2. Positive Impact of Bore
  3. Negative Impact of Bore
  1. Good Positions of UGWT
  2. Positive Impacts of UGWT
  3. Negative Impacts of UGWT
  1. Good Positions of RWH
  2. Positive Impacts of RWH
  3. Negative Impacts of RWH
  1. 16 Directions
  2. Elements
  3. Colours As Per Directions
  4. Colours As Per Elements
  1. 16 Directions
  2. Significance of 16 Directions
  3. Positions As Per 16 Directions
  1. 16 Directions
  2. Significance of 16 Directions
  3. Positions As Per 16 Directions
  1. Meaning of Shape
  2. Why Shape is Important in Vastu
  3. Different Types of Plot Shapes
  4. Positive Impact of Plot Shapes
  5. Negative Impact of Plot Shapes
  6. Meaning of Missing Zone
  1. Where to Start Construction
  2. Why We Should Construct
  3. Why We Should Not Construction
  4. Benefits of Positioning
  5. Ill-Effects
  1. Meaning of Pool
  2. Best Directions of Pool
  3. Positive Impacts of Pool
  4. Negative Impacts of Pool
  1. Total Entries
  2. Good Entries
  3. Bad Entries
  4. Significance of 32 Entries
  5. Outer Devta
  6. Inner Devta
  1. How to Grid on Entries
  2. Zones of Entries
  3. Good Entries According Grid Marking
  4. Bad Entries According Grid Marking
  1. Types of Remedies
  2. How to Implement Remedies
  3. Precautions While Applying Remedies
  4. Why Different Metals
  1. Types of Solutions
  2. Temporary Solutions
  3. Permanent Solutions
  4. Meaning of Each Remedy
  5. Impact in Percentage
  1. Excavation Starting Direction
  2. Column Starting Direction
  3. Brick Work Starting Direction
  4. Labor Quarter Direction
  5. Placement of Constructional Material
  1. Meaning of Basement
  2. Where to Construct Basement
  3. Impact of Basement
  4. Solution of Wrongly Placed Basement
  1. Where to Construct Stairs
  2. Meaning of Clockwise Stairs
  3. Meaning of Anti-Clockwise Direction

Why Learn Advanced Vastu Shastra Online With Geosols?

Expert Trainers

Experienced trainers lead the complete courses in multiple fields. Therefore, the whole training is in-depth and covers simple learning.

Clearing Doubts Sessions

You can ask us your questions & doubts during and after the live classes. We know that you can only understand some concepts in one go. Therefore, we ensure efficient learning for all.

Interactive Live Classes

During the vastu shastra live classes, you can unmute and interact with the trainer and fellow students to ask questions, share opinions, and accelerate learning.

Completely Online

To offer you the best vastu shastra course online in India, we ensure you can work on top vastu shastra-related remedies and practices.

Vastu Shastra Certificate

Geosols is India’s top vastu shastra institute. You will get an online basic vastu shastra course certificate at the end of the course that helps you quickly explore career opportunities.

Online Advance Vastu Shastra Course FAQs

Answer 1: Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture and design that aims to create harmonious living spaces. The online advanced Vastu Shastra course is a comprehensive program that teaches the principles of Vastu Shastra and how to apply them in your home or workspace.
Answer 2: The basic vastu shastra course teaches the basics of vastu shastra, including the practice’s history, philosophy and principles. Advanced vastu shastra course builds a foundation by introducing more advanced concepts & techniques.
Answer 3: Yes. Once the complete course is covered, we will provide you with a professional Vastu shastra certificate to help you explore great career opportunities.
Answer 4: Yes. Vastu Shastra is a unique and utterly skill-based field that doesn’t require any degree or prior experience. You can learn vastu shastra after class 12th and make a career in it.
Answer 5: There are many reasons why someone might want to learn Vastu Shastra. Some people believe that by following the principles of Vastu Shastra, they can create a more harmonious and balanced home or office environment. Others believe that Vastu Shastra can help them to attract more wealth and prosperity. And all these expectations are true.
Answer 6: Geosols is the leading institute for Vastu Shastra in Delhi and the number one choice of Delhiites regarding classroom-based learning or online courses.
Answer 7: You will master all the concepts of Vastu shastra in detail.