Geopathic Stress Classroom Training Course

Geopathic Stress Course Classroom Training in India with Certificate

Learn about geopathic stress and its supposed impact on health with our geopathic stress classroom training course. Join our in-person program and benefit from expert instruction, hands-on learning, and a supportive community. So, start your journey towards a healthier and more balanced life today. Want to kickstart your career as a skilled Geopathic Stress Cure Expert? Master the art of detecting and curing geopathic stress in different types of lines and zones for the first time in India with the classroom-based geopathic stress course.

Geopathic Stress Classroom Training Course teaches you how to cure and detect geopathic stress lines and zones with regular practice on actual assignments. It is a geopathic stress classroom training course with a certification that helps you to become a geopathic stress cure expert.

In this course, we give you practical training on sites and show you how to detect and cure geopathic stress lines and zones. You won’t believe it if you know that if geopathic stress lines pass in Vastu Compliance Building, Vastu Shastra failed in that case, so this course is unique.

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About Our Geopathic Stress Course Classroom Training With Certificate

Geopathic Stress Course Classroom raining Certificate

The geopathic stress classroom training course is created by the renowned Geopathy Expert Mr. Deepak Kumar Saini. In other words, it is for anyone who wants to get out of their way and find peace and happiness.

Furthermore, it is well-known that everything alive has a vibration, including the human body, which has an electromagnetic field. Therefore, when the human body gets into “stress”, the stress affects the electromagnetic field, which further affects the body’s organs and functions.

GEO is an abbreviation for Geopathic stress. For instance, the word ‘geo’ means earth, and ‘pathos’ means suffering or disease. Therefore, it is a type of stress that comes from the earth. Similarly, geopathic stress can cause severe illness that’s linked with mental health problems, as well as physical ones.

Geopathic stress is a type of electromagnetic radiation which can emanate from the earth’s surface. Artificial objects, such as power lines, mobile phone masts, and electrical equipment, can cause it—causes of Geopathic stress gained by water, such as underground streams and waterfalls.

Geosols is the only institute in India offering a comprehensive, professionally-taught course on identifying, assessing, and resolving geopathic stress.

Well-structured & comprehensive curriculum designed according to the latest trends and industry standards!

The curriculum of Geopathic Stress Certificate Course

  1. What is Geopathic Stress Lines?
  2. Shapes of Geopathic Stress Lines
  3. What are the symptoms of Geopathic Stress?
  4. What is Hartmann Lines?
  5. What is Curry Lines?
  1. What is a Causes of Geopathic Stress Lines?
  1. Geosols Youtube Channel
  2. Documentary
  3. Research on Google
  4. Study about Geopathic Stress
  1. Consultation
  2. Coaching
  3. Invention
  1. What is Energy?
  2. What is Electromagnetic Field?
  3. What is Electromagnetic Spectrum?
  4. What is the Earth’s Magnetic Field Frequency?
  1. Importance of Meditation
  1. What is the Name of Instrument We Use?
  2. Can We Use a Metallic Universal Scanner?
  3. Can Lecture Antenna Detect Geopathic Stress Lines?
  4. Can We Use L Rods to Detect Geopathic Stress Lines?
  5. Why Water Sample?
  6. How to Handle Instrument While Detecting?
  7. Precautions
  1. Length Width Concept
  2. How to Detect the Geopathic Stress Lines?
  3. Noddle Points
  1. Case Study
  2. How to Detect Negative Items?
  3. Use of Essential Oils

Why Learn Geopathic Stress With Geosols?

Expert Trainers

Experienced trainers lead the complete courses in multiple fields. Therefore, the whole training is in-depth and covers simple learning.

Clearing Doubts Sessions

You can ask us your questions & doubts during and after classroom training. We know that you can only understand some concepts in one go. Therefore, we ensure efficient learning for all.

Interactive Classroom Training

During the geopathic stress classroom training, you can interact with the trainer and fellow students to ask questions, share opinions, and accelerate learning.

Completely Practical

To offer you geopathic stress classroom training in Delhi, India, we ensure you can work on top geopathic-related equipment and practices.

Geopathic Stress Certificate

Geosols is India’s top vastu & geopathy training institute. In conclusion, you will get a geopathic stress classroom training course with a certificate at the end of the course that helps you quickly explore career opportunities.

Geopathic Stress Classroom Training Course: FAQs

Answer 1: The Geopathic Stress Classroom Training Course teaches you how to detect and cure geopathic stress lines and zones through regular practice.
Answer 2: All our trainers are industry experts having 10 to 20 years of experience in the geopathy field. For specific modules, we also introduce specialized trainers.
Answer 3: Once complete, we will provide you with a geopathic stress classroom training course with a certificate to help you explore great career opportunities.
Answer 4: Yes. geopathy course is a unique and utterly skill-based field that doesn’t require any degree or prior experience. You can learn and practice curing and detecting Geopathic Stress Lines and Zones after class 12th and make a career.
Answer 5: Learning about Geopathic Stress can help you identify and address areas of stress in your life, both physical and emotional. It can help you to identify areas of your environment that cause disruption or physical health issues and provide ways to improve your health and well-being. Additionally, by understanding the concept of Geopathic stress, you can identify and reduce the risks associated with its presence in your home or workplace.
Answer 6: Geosols is the leading institute for learning about Geopathic Stress in Delhi and the number one choice of Delhiites regarding courses.
Answer 7: You will master all the concepts of geopathic stress in detail.