Basic Vastu Shastra Course Classroom Training

Best Basic Vastu Shastra Course Classroom Training in India With Certification

Want to build a thriving career in vastu shastra and become a top-class vastu expert? Then, join the best basic vastu shastra course classroom training in India by Geosols to learn basic vastu shastra concepts from scratch.

It is a regular vastu shastra classroom training by an expert trainer having 22+ years of experience in the field. In the course, you will learn and practice vastu, all 16 directions, slopes, residential vastu, commercial vastu, five elements, vastupurusha, use of the compass in vastu, and 11+ more modules.

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About Our Basic Vastu Course Classroom Training With Certificate

Basic Vastu Shastra Course Classroom Training

The vastu shastra field is growing very fast. You can make a remarkable career today in this industry, and the demand for this skill increased in ancient times.

If you develop your skills, you can easily make the most out of this growing industry and make a great career. Geosols has offered this basic vastu shastra course classroom training with a certificate. We created a curriculum according to our student’s expectations. Our comprehensive curriculum makes us one of the country’s best vastu shastra learning institutes.

Our basic vastu shastra course classroom training is for college students, graduates, job seekers, freelancers, business owners or looking to grow in this field.

With this course, you can become a Vastu Expert and Consultant or start your own business.

Call us now if you have questions about our basic vastu shastra classroom training course.

Well-structured & comprehensive curriculum designed according to the latest trends and industry standards!

The curriculum of the Basic Vastu Shastra Certification Course

  1. Meaning of Vastu Word
  2. Why Vastu is Important
  3. Importance of Positiveness
  4. Inner Peace
  5. How Vastu Helps?
  1. Story of Vastupurusha
  2. Lifeline
  3. Flow of Energy
  4. Brahamsthan
  1. Importance of Compass
  2. How to Calculate Compass Degree
  3. Magnetic Compass
  4. Precautions Related to Magnetic Compass
  5. Use of Magnetic Compass
  1. What is Five Elements
  2. Shapes of Five Elements
  3. Role of Five Elements
  4. Colours of Five Elements
  5. Importance of Five Elements
  1. What are the 4 Directions?
  2. What are the 16 Directions?
  3. What are the 8 Directions?
  1. What is Facing?
  2. What is Agni Tatva?
  3. What is Ishaan Kon?
  4. What is Prithwi Tatva?
  5. What is Vayu Tatva?
  6. What is Aakash Tatva?
  1. Directions of Slopes
  2. Slopes of Terrace
  3. Slopes of Floors
  4. Test
  1. How to Calculate 16 Directions?
  2. What is Agni Tatva?
  3. 360* Protactor
  4. What is Grid Marking?
  1. How to Calculate 16 Directions if the North is Tilted?
  2. Precautions Related to 16 Directions
  1. Importance of Water Resource
  2. Directions for Boring
  3. Directions for Under Ground Water Tank
  4. Directions for Rain Water Harvesting
  5. Directions for Over Head Tank
  6. Directions for Septic Tank

Why Learn Basic Vastu Shastra Classroom Training With Geosols?

Expert Trainers

Experienced trainers lead the complete courses in multiple fields. Therefore, the whole training is in-depth and covers simple learning.

Clearing Doubts Sessions

You can ask us your questions & doubts during and after classroom training. We know that you can only understand some concepts in one go. Therefore, we ensure efficient learning for all.

Interactive Classroom Training

During the basic vastu shastra classroom training, you can interact with the trainer and fellow students to ask questions, share opinions, and accelerate learning.

Completely Practical

To offer you the best vastu shastra course classroom training in Delhi, India, we ensure you can work on top vastu shastra-related remedies and practices.

Vastu Shastra Certificate

Geosols is India’s top vastu shastra institute. You will get a basic vastu shastra classroom training course with a certificate at the end of the course that helps you quickly explore career opportunities.

Basic Vastu Shastra Classroom Training Course : FAQs

Answer 1: The Basic Vastu Shastra Classroom Training Course covers the principles of ancient science and teaches students how to apply them in constructing homes and other buildings. Doing the course from the best vastu shastra training institute in India, like Geosols, helps you kickstart a thriving career and opportunities.
Answer 2: All our trainers are industry experts having 10 to 20 years of experience in the vastu shastra field. For specific modules, we also introduce specialized trainers.
Answer 3: Once complete, we will provide you with a certificate of basic vastu shastra classroom training course to help you explore great career opportunities.
Answer 4: Yes. Vastu Shastra is a unique and utterly skill-based field that doesn’t require any degree or prior experience. You can learn vastu shastra after class 12th and make a career.
Answer 5: The principles of Vastu Shastra can create a more harmonious and balanced environment. Vastu Shastra can help to attract more wealth and prosperity. And all these expectations are accurate.
Answer 6: Geosols is the leading institute for learning Vastu Shastra in Delhi and the number one choice of Delhiites regarding online courses.
Answer 7: You will master all the concepts of vastu shastra in detail.