The Stress Called Geopathic Stress

How Geopathic Stress is Danger?

January 5th, 2022 by geosols

The Stress Called Geopathic Stress Stress – This six-letter word has become like a middle name for almost every second individual. We all face stress in various degrees from time to time. Persisting with stress for a long time isn’t a good habit as it can have an adverse effect on health. Everyone wants to […]

What is Vastu?

What is VAstu?

January 5th, 2022 by geosols

What is Vastu? Vastu is a science of directions. Vastu is ancient architecture. Vastu means – “A premises which have full positive energy.” Vastu is a method for balancing the 5 elements. Introduction to Vastu Shastra If you understand the logic, then you realize that there’s no magic. The statement stands true for the field […]

Vastu Pyramid: An Integrated Science

Vastu Shastra Pyramids

April 11th, 2021 by geosols

About Why Do You Need It? Do you know what is the Advantage of the Vastu Pyramids & if you want to get rid of all negativity from your house or workspace, a good understanding of the Vastu shastra is a necessity. You need to keep your home and office away from any kind of […]

Vastu Tips For Home

Vastu Tips for House

March 15th, 2021 by geosols

Vastu Tips for Your House 1. Rock Salt Use 250 gm of Rock Salt in a bucket of water to mop the floors of your room. Sprinkling rock salt all over the floor is not effective. If the rooms are big, take another bucket of water with 250 gm of rock salt again for mopping. […]