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Basics of Vastu Shastra

Updated : July 30th, 2020, By geosols

Basics of Vastu ShastraBASICS OF VASTU SHASTRA

Vastu is an ancient Indian science of architecture and buildings. Vastu connects from the root ‘Vaas’ which means to stay or to dwell. In Sanskrit ‘Vastu’ means nature, a surrounding or environment helping to dwell, following certain principles. Five Elements are the basics of Vastu Shastra.

Vastu is the science of directions that combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with man and material. As per Vastu, the world consists of five elements, also known as the ‘Pancha Bhootas’ – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. Our planet ‘Earth’ has life because of the existence of all these five elements. If these five elements are correctly positioned any building will automatically be balanced.


  • Earth represents the South-West direction
  • Water represents the North-East direction
  • Fire represents the South-East direction
  • Air (Vaayu) represents the North-West direction
  • Space represents “Bhramstaan” and West Direction


All the Five Elements should be in a balanced state. We can also co-relate the basics of Vastu Shastra with the Vastu Purusha. As we know the head of the Vastu Purusha should be in North-East Direction which represents Water Element. The foot of Vastu Purusha should be in South-West Direction that representing the Earth element. In addition, the Stomach of Vastu Purusha represents Bharamstaan. It is mentioned that Vastu Purusha is the son of Lord Vishwakarma in the ancient Shastra. So the North-East zone is the source of positive energy. The flow of positive energy starts from North-East goes in South-West direction including the centre of the premises. No one should construct even a wall in the centre of the premises. To construct the Boring or Tubewell in the centre of the building is very dangerous.


Do not construct the kitchen, toilet, and stairs in the North-East zone of the building because this zone as per Hindu Mythology represents the head of the Vastu Purusha and as we know that this is the water element zone we can’t construct a kitchen in the water element because water and fire are anti-elements. Now the question is where to construct the kitchen and toilets etc in the building. We have the three best directions to construct the kitchen.

  1. South-East direction is the best direction to construct the kitchen.
  2. West-North-West is the second-best area to construct the kitchen.
  3. The North-West zone is the third-best direction for the kitchen.

Following are the best areas and directions to construct the toilet in the building.

  1. West-North-West is the best direction for the toilets in the buildings.
  2. South-South-West is the right direction for the toilets.
  3. The North-West area of the building is also for the toilets and washrooms.

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