History / Story


About Deepak Kumar Saini

Deepak Kumar Saini, the founder of Geosols Consulting Pvt. Ltd., is a known name in the practice of Geopathic Stress and Vastu.


Earlier, he was a civil engineer by Profession, but after that, he decided he is not do engineering more. So, he has dedicated his career to knowing and learning about the science of Geopathic Stress. Moreover, Vastu Shastra is as well. In conclusion, he decided to make his career for the betterment of people. In other words, he proved himself as one of the reputed Vastu Consultants. However, he helped many people through his knowledge.

Experience of Deepak Kumar Saini

With growing years, he succeeded in resolving issues moving up due to Geopathic Stress or Vastu and earned the trust of several clients from different fields. So his knowledge & years of experience in the area have made him identify the cause of the problems & provide accurate solutions.


Deepak Kumar Saini’s goal to become the global torchbearer in this field of science has led him to increase the work & results of Vastu or Geopathic stress. He has shown on many social media platforms to demonstrate the technology & way of working. Also, he gives Vastu Tips on Social Media to help more people.

About Geosols Goal

What about Geosols? Geosols prove the presence of geopathic stress that indicators and measures energy levels because of Vastu faults & other related factors. His firm beliefs represent his passion & his closely exact solutions flaunt his expertise in this field. So his leadership & guidance will successfully let Geosols Consulting Pvt Ltd fulfil its goal.