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32 Entries

32 Entries

Welcome to our blog post about 32 Entries in Vastu Shastra. In addition, join us on this informative journey as we unpack the mysteries of these 32 Entries and empower you to develop peace, wealth, and well-being in every aspect of your life.


What is Entry?


What is Entry?

The connection between the outer environment and the inner environment is called Entry.


How Many Entries Are There According to the Principles of Vastu Shastra?


As per the principles of Vastu Shastra, there are 32 entrances.


What are the Inner Devtas?


  1. Lord Brahma
  2. Prithvidhar
  3. Aap
  4. Aapvatam
  5. Ayarma
  6. Savita
  7. Savitra
  8. Vivaswana
  9. Indra
  10. Jayant
  11. Mitra
  12. Rajyakshatra
  13. Rudra


Names of 32 Entries


The names of 32 Entries in Vastu Shastra are Sikhi, Parjanya, Jayanta, Indra, Surya, Satya, Bhrinsha, Antriksha, Anil, Poosha, Vitatha, Vrihttakshta, Yama, Gandharva, Bhringraj, Mriga, Pitra, Dwarika, Sugriva, Kusumdanta, Varuna, Asura, Suasha, Papyakshama, Roga, Naag, Mukhya, Bhallat, Soma, Bhujang, Aditi and Diti.


What are the Significances of 32 Entries?


A. East Direction (E) पूर्व दिशा

  1. Sikhi (E1) सिखी – Sikhi is the first entrance in the East direction, and Sikhi’s main entrance can cause fear of fire, accidents and financial losses.
  2. Parjanya (E2) पर्जन्य – The Parjanya main entrance provides wasteful expenditure, and more girls are born in your house.
  3. Jayanta (E3) जयंत – The Jayanta is the most auspicious entrance of the east direction and provides wealth, prosperity and success in life.
  4. Indra (E4) इंद्र – The Indra is another positive entrance in the east direction. Moreover, it also increases social associations and attracts personal benefits from essential government officials.
  5. Surya (E5) सूर्य – The Surya entrance can cause high aggressiveness in the house, and the residents will often make wrong decisions.
  6. Satya (E6) सत्य – The Satya entrance makes people liars and unreliable in the houses.
  7. Bhrinsha (E7) भृंश – Avoid building the main gate at the Bhrisha entrance, which will make the occupants insensitive and cruel towards others and also attract trouble from enemies.
  8. Antriksha (E8) अंतरिक्ष – Vastu Shastra prohibits the placement of the main gate in the Antriksha entrance because it causes financial losses, accidents, disease and theft.

B. South Direction (S) दक्षिण दिशा

  1. Anil (S1) अनिल – The Anil entrance negatively affects the house’s male child, brings trouble to your son and creates a conflict between the parents and the child.
  2. Poosha (S2) पूषा – The Poosha entrance has negative and positive impacts. In addition, it attracts trouble from relatives but is suitable for working in MNCs because it helps them get regular promotions and salary hikes. Moreover, avoid the Poosha entrance in the South direction.
  3. Vitatha (S3) वितथ – The Vitatha entrance has negative and positive impacts. In addition, it provides immense prosperity, success, and skills and makes the residents unreliable.
  4. Vrihttakshta (S4) वृहत्क्षत – According to Vastu Shastra, Vrihttakshta is the best entrance located in the south direction. It brings prosperity and fame and is suitable for actors and media professionals.
  5. Yama (S5) यम – The Yama is an ominous entrance in the south direction and causes many debt and financial losses.
  6. Gandharva (S6) गंधर्व – The Gandharva entrance causes humiliation, poverty, financial losses and defames.
  7. Bhringraj (S7) भृंगराज – The Bhringraj entrance will waste your efforts and make you uninterested in hard work.
  8. Mriga (S8) मृगा – According to Vastu Shastra, the Mriga is the most inauspicious entrance because it makes people rude, insensitive, lonely and disconnected from society.

C. West Direction (W) पश्चिम दिशा

  1. Pitra (W1) पितृ – According to Vastu, Pitra isn’t recommended for entrance because it causes poverty and reduces life span.
  2. Dwarika (W2) द्वारिका – The Dwarika entrance is also not recommendable because it creates career instability and makes people insecure about family relationship problems.
  3. Sugriva (W3) सुग्रीव – The Sugriva is the best entrance in the West direction and provides incredible wealth, growth and prosperity.
  4. Kusumdanta (W4) कुसुमदंत – The Kusumdanta entrance increases the wealth and prosperity of male children and provides a smooth and happy life.
  5. Varuna (W5) वरुण – The Varuna entrance has mixed results because it makes you a perfectionist at work, but at the same time, it also makes you over-ambitious. That’s why the Varuna entrance is financially advantageous but also problematic sometimes.
  6. Asura (W6) असुर – The Asuraentrance attracts negativity in the house, affects the mind, makes the person prone to mental depression, and is also very harmful to government employees.
  7. Shausha (W7) शोष – The Shuasha entrance causes unhappiness, stress, health issues, money problems and addiction to drugs and alcohol.
  8. Papyakshama (W8) पप्यक्षमा – The Papyakshama entrance compels people to use unfair, unlawful means to benefit themselves. In the last, it keeps the residents (especially men) out of the house.

D. North Direction (N) उत्तर दिशा

  1. Roga (N1) रोग – The Roga entrance causes many health-related issues, wrong intentions and flawed thinking.
  2. Naag (N2) नाग – The Naga entrance increases the number of enemies and constant fear creates the tendency to stalk people and feelings in the residents that others are jealous of them.
  3. Mukhya (N3) मुख्य – The Mukhya is an advantageous entrance that brings abundant wealth, prosperity and incredible growth, and more male children are born.
  4. Bhallat (N4) भल्लाट – The Bhallat is an auspicious entrance that ensures abundant inherited property, wealth and prosperity and opens new doors for opportunities and wealth.
  5. Soma (N5) सोम – The Soma entrance is best for more religious and calm people. Moreover, soma is considered a good choice for constructing the main gate.
  6. Bhujang (N6) भुजंग – People always disapprove of things at the Bhujang entrance premises, and nobody listens to them, which causes opposition and quarrels with the son.
  7. Aditi (N7) अदिति –The Aditi entrance is particularly harmful to the women of the house. Moreover, ladies living here tend to defy the family’s traditional beliefs.
  8. Diti (N8) दिति – The Diti entrance is positive as it gives a higher bank balance and increases savings.


What are the Good and Bad Entries?


Good Entries

The good entries are Jayant, Indra, Vrihattakshta, Sugriva, Kusumdanta, Varun, Mukhya, Bhallat and Diti.

Bad Entries

The bad entries are Sikhi, Parjanya, Surya, Satya, Bhrinsha, Antriksha, Anil, Poosha, Vitatha, Yama, Gandharva, Bhringaraj, Mriga, Pitra, Dwarika, Asura, Shausha, Paap, Roga, Naag, Soma, Bhujang, and Aditi.



Thank you for joining us on this informational exploration of 32 Entries in Vastu Shastra. In addition, we expect you’ve discovered inspiration and valuable guidance to improve the quality of your life via the ancient art of Vastu. In Conclusion, stay tuned for more beneficial insights and advice on living aligned with the cosmic energies around us.

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