Vastu Tips for 2023

Vastu Tips for 2023

What to do in 2023 according to Vastu

Vastu Tips for 2023 : Table of Content

  • Benefits of Worship with Family
  • Benefits of Eating Meals Together with your Family
  • Why does Hawan on the Birthday and Wedding Anniversary?
  • Benefits of Using an Anti-Radiation Chip
  • Why Teach Hanuman Chalisa to your Children Daily?
  • What’s the Importance of Morning Sun Rays?
  • How to Enhance Positive Energy?
  • Gnana Saraswati Temple
  • Why Check Geopathic Stress when Earthquakes Come?
  • 10 Top-Up Vastu Tips in 2023 for you
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Do you know what to do in 2023, according to Vastu? What are the best Vastu tips for 2023 that you can follow and improve your life?

There are many such tips, tricks and information about Vastu Shastra, which, if any person follows, then he can get many benefits. So let us know which Vastu tips, tricks and knowledge can benefit you in 2023.

Before reading this blog, please remember that we write about more than just Vastu Shastra. In this blog, some lifetime tips can benefit you and your family and business, so please read this blog carefully till the end.

If you apply all the Vastu Tips according to this blog so you will make your life more peaceful, better and happy.

Benefits of Worship with Family

Family WorshipBest Vastu Tips for 2023
Family Doing Worship of God

Do you know how beneficial it can be to worship with the whole family? God listens to it with a little delay if you worship in solitude.

Worship of God should be done with true mind and spirit so that God fulfils your wishes and solves your problem as soon as possible.

Performing puja with your family creates positive energy that flows throughout the house.

Suppose you want God to fulfil all your wishes as soon as possible. In that case, you must worship and recitation of God with your family in the morning and evening. Or suppose it’s impossible to worship God in the morning and evening. In that case, you can worship God every day in the morning or the evening at any time.

If you and your family pray with your true heart and intention to fulfil your wish, God will fulfil your desire very soon. Worship with your family is compelling if you do it with pure intentions.

Suppose you follow this Vastu tip in this 2023 year. In that case, you cannot even imagine how much you, your family, and your business will benefit.

In this article, we want to tell you that if you worship with your family this coming year or adopt this work, there will be happiness in your and your family’s life. So will remain, and God’s grace will always be with you.

Benefits of Eating Meals Together With Your Family

Family Eating Food TogetherVastu Tips for 2023
Family Eating Food Together

You must have often heard that we must eat food with the family. But do you know the benefits of eating food with your family? Let’s begin.

First, we know about having food with family, but do you know when (time) we can have food with family?

The most important thing is how much time is available to you so that you can give time to your family and eat together according to your schedule.

If you do not have time to eat food with your family, you can’t give time to your loved ones. We tell you that you should spend time with your family anytime throughout the day. You must eat food whether in the morning, afternoon or night.

Why does Hawan on the Birthday and Wedding Anniversary?

Hawan2023 Vastu Tips
Hawan on Birthday and Anniversary

Source: – Samacharnama

What are the reasons behind doing hawan on birthdays and wedding anniversaries? First, let’s read this blog. Yes, you can do hawan on your birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

Doing hawan on your birthday and wedding anniversary in your residence and business premises provides you with positive energy and environment. But, conversely, performing hawan ends negative energy.

You can perform hawan and Vastu Pujan at your home, office, shop, factory and business premises on your birthday and wedding anniversary. Vastu worship is vital in our life, so it is mandatory to perform it with hawan.

You can also put plants in your home, garden, or outside in the park on your birthday and wedding anniversary.

According to Vastu Shastra, planting trees and plants on birthdays and marriage anniversaries is a work of virtue. So if you put plants on your birthday and marriage anniversary, it benefits you.

Benefits of Using Anti-Radiation Chip for Electronic Gadgets



Anti Radiation Chip
Anti-Radiation Chip for Electronics Gadgets

Source: – Flipkart

An Anti-Radiation Chip manages non-thermal radiation emitted from electronic devices. Electronic gadgets include mobiles, televisions, radios, laptops, smart watches, computers, Wi-Fi and more. Anti-Radiation Chip Neutralise the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation so that there is no biological damage to the human body.

Suppose you also put an Anti-Radiation Chip on all your Electronic Gadgets. In that case, you can protect yourself from various diseases and harmful hidden raises that can severely impact your body and mind.

Why Teach Your Children to Chant Hanuman Chalisa Daily?

Reading Hanuman Chalisa every day has many benefits. If you worship Lord Hanuman, you must teach your children Hanuman Chalisa to seek his blessings.

Chanting Hanuman Chalisa in the morning or evening is a Healthy Habit for everyone. For example, teach your children is take a bath first and then read Hanuman Chalisa in the morning. Or, in the evening, teach that they wash their hands and feet properly before chanting Hanuman Chalisa.

Suppose your children get nightmares and want to get rid of evil spirits. In that case, reading Hanuman Chalisa is beneficial for your children. Lord Hanuman helps eliminate evils and nerves that can harm.

Keeping a Hanuman Chalisa under your children’s pillow can also help them. One of the verses reads, भूत पिशाच निकट नहीं आवे महावीर जब नाम सुनावे means that Lord Hanuman save your children from the evil spirit which can affect your children.

Suppose you start teaching your children now to Chant the Hanuman Chalisa daily. In that case, this can benefit your children’s future. Or your children read Hanuman Chalisa at least once daily. In that case, they will become more powerful, intelligent, and innovative in their lives and studies.

What’s the Importance of Morning Sun Rays on Our Place?

Vastu Tips for 2023
Morning Sun Rays Coming in Home

Suppose morning sun rays enter your house, office, shop, factory or business premises. In that case, it benefits you, your family and your business. However, when the morning sun rays fall on our residence or business premises, it automatically kills the negative energy and spreads positive energy.

If morning sun rays come into your residence and business premises, then cross-ventilation is also very good there. But if morning sun rays do not come into your place and business premises. In that case, it can bring many problems in your home and business.

Sun rays not coming into the house in the morning invites many different types of diseases and creates much negativity in the place.

Suppose no sunlight comes into your residence and business premises in the morning. In that case, you may have to face many problems. If possible, do not stay at that place.

We recommended many times in our YouTube Videos or in Blogs that never put tall trees and plants in the East direction. However, there is a big reason for not putting a heightened plant in the East direction. Placing heightened plants and trees in the East direction of your Garden and Residence Premises will stop the morning sun rays on your home or cause multiple health-related issues. Keep heightened plants and trees in the west direction.

How to Enhance Positive Energy?

Vastu Tips for 2023
1 Sendha Namak 2 Gaumutra 3 Guggal-Lobhan

Suppose you want to improve the positive energy inside your residence and business premises. In that case, you must do these three things if you follow and apply this to kill the negative energy inside your premises and give you much relief from unwanted problems.

First, use Rock Salt (सेंधा नमक) while mopping into your residence and business premises daily. Using Rock Salt daily kills negative energy and enhances positive energy in your place. You can use 250 grams per bucket while mopping your area. Don’t pour the waste water after cleaning your area on trees and plants. Never mix gaumutra, surf and phenyl while mopping with rock salt.

Second, use Gaumutra (गौमुत्र) while mopping into your place. Gaumutra has very powerful. Suppose negative energy is in your home and business premises. In that case, using Gaumutra in mopping kills various negative energies and provides positive energy in your area. When applying Gaumutra while sweeping your premises, remember never to mix rock salt, surf and phenyl with Gaumutra.

And last, Smoke Guggal-Lobhan (गुग्गल-लोभान) daily all over your home, office, shop, factory and other business and residence premises. After Rock Salt and Gaumutra mop. Guggal-Lobhan smoke provides positive energy and kills negative energy in your area. If you smoke Guggal-Lobhan daily, negativity is impossible to enter our residence and business premises.

If you have these three Vastu Tips in 2023 so it will enhance positive energy in your residence and business premises.

Before Admission of Your Child to School, Visit Here

Gnana Saraswati Mandir
Gnana Saraswati Temple, Basar, Telangana, INDIA

Before the children begin formal school education, you can perform the “Akshara Abhyasam” ceremony at Gnana Saraswati Temple, Basar, and Telangana. Then, the children perform the letter exercise to honour the (Saraswati Maa) goddess of knowledge and dedicate notebooks, pencils, and pens.

Suppose you perform the “Akshara Abhyasam” ceremony at Gnana Saraswati Temple before the admission of your children to the school. In that case, it will benefit your children’s future in their studies and career.

We know that this is not the Vastu Tip. However, if you see that as your Children’s future? In that case, it will be essential information for those ready to admit their child into school. Therefore, we recommend this to you as a tip for a lifetime.

Why Check Geopathic Stress Whenever Earthquake Comes?

Vastu Tips for 2023
Watch the Video on our YouTube Channel

Remember that whenever this whole year earthquake comes, please check Geopathic Stress Lines in your residence and business premises. If you don’t know how to check, detect and cure the Geopathic Stress Lines and Zones, please tell your Geopathy Expert.

We know that earthquake is very dangerous, but, especially in metro cities, sometimes we do not even know when the earthquake will come. In such cases, we would have often cured Geopathic stress lines inside our residence and business premises. But, if it is, the lines we had already fixed get shifted due to the arrival of the earthquake.

If you want to know more about so, you can watch our video on this topic on YouTube – What is the Relation of Earthquake and Geopathic Stress?

10 Top-up Vastu Tips for 2023

  1. Don’t keep the TV in your bedroom.
  2. Do not keep your money and valuables in North-West (NW), West-North-West (WNW) and South-South-West (SSW) directions.
  3. While making your home, don’t make a bedroom in West-North-West (WNW) Direction.
  4. Stay out of West-North-West (WNW) Direction while studying.
  5. Avoid using leather items in your daily life.
  6. Plant at least ten small trees and plants in your home and garden.
  7. Use maximum Tulsi (Basil) Plants in your home.
  8. If electronic items are not working correctly, you can change, service, or remove them from your home.
  9. Keep clean the doors and windows of your residence premises.
  10. Place Laddu-Gopal Photo or Idol in the Newly Married Couple Bedroom in any direction.


If you follow all these Vastu Tips in 2023, your life will become more relaxed and free from unwanted problems in your daily routine life. We give some Vastu Tips from Vastu Shastra. And some Vastu Tips, Tricks and Information are provided by our Vastu and Geopathy expert – Er. Deepak Kumar Saini. Subscribe to us for more exciting blogs in future.

Alert – If you follow and apply all the Vastu Tips, Tricks and Information we give in this blog will not provide the benefit to you. So, we recommend you check your residence and business premises according to Vastu from an expert. Or, if you want Vastu Services for any Residence and Business Premises from Us. Then, we can check Vastu Faults and Geopathic Stress Lines in your place and provide effective Vastu Solutions and Stress-Free Environment without renovation and demolition. Then, you can Contact Us for more information.



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