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About GeoSols Consulting

GeoSols Consulting Pvt. Ltd is a result of long and spectacular journey incepted by Mr. Deepak Kumar Saini (B.E Civil Engineer) who has been practicing Geopathic Stress, Vaastu and Fengshui from the past 18 years.  Today he can be called as an expert in GS, who has dedicated a decade in the Harmonization of Geopathic stress with 99% success rate.


GeoSols has solved thousands of cases in its history and still counting.....GeoSols has provided its assistance to Manufacturing Units, Factories, Plants, Trading Companies, Brands, New constructions, private residences of individuals as well as  corporations. We have been able to articulate the best of the practices & professional services with effective and quantifiable results. Today we are proud to claim that Geosols is an organization which can assure the success of a project, based on this global phenomena called Geopathic Stress.  




Geosols has pledged to draw the attention of the modern dwellers towards this science and be the torchbearer for this solution globally.